Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare – City Trading Guide

This is the list of what cities need and sell for cheap.

First Things First…

This guide will show you what cities are demanding and selling on discount. I have started a few games to check if this changes with each new game but it does not seem to be with the current version (0.951).

I have also added the towns and what they sell on discount.

You can earn a lot of money early game when you trade a lot. I suggest you choose a character with high trading skill and high map speed. When you have enough money, just buy your army 🙂

What Cities Demand and Sell on Siscount

  • Aber demands fur and sells pearls on discount
  • Zinkov demands linen and sells canned fish on discount
  • Mirne demands coffee beans and sells salt on discount
  • Zalaniv demands pottery and has nothing on discount
  • Beneva demands tea and sells cigarettes on discount
  • Dubno demands gasoline and sells wheat on discount
  • Odetsk demands salt and sells iron ore on discount
  • Pliskiv demands crystal and sells wood on discount
  • Babin demands canned fish and sells leather on discount
  • Smolyanka demands iron ore and sells beef on discount
  • Berezno demands gold ore and sells fruits on discount
  • Drobin demands dried fish and sells pottery on discount
  • Gorinka demands herbs and sells crystal on discount
  • Chernivka demands wood and sells raw amber on discount
  • Lipno demands cigarettes and sells herbs on discount
  • Zhaskiv demands wheat and sells fur on discount
  • Litvin demands asphalt and sells linen on discount
  • Lubni demands beef ands sells rice on discount
  • Brovari demands raw amber and sells tea on discount

What Towns Sells on Discount

  • Syniv sells raw amber on discount
  • Kvasiv sells canned fish on discount
  • Yahodynka sells tea on discount
  • Zathishne sells gasoline on discount
  • Berestya sells fruits on discount
  • Lubativ sells rice on discount
  • Yasne sells gold ore on discount
  • Dernivka sells fur on discount
  • Masliv sells leather on discount
  • Kochaniv sells pearl on discount
  • Zhaniv sells herbs on discount
  • Dniv sells wood on discount

Trade Routes

  • Minov – Litvin: Asphalt
  • Litvin – Zinkov: Linen
  • Mirne – Odetsk: Salt
  • Lubni – Tumanivska: Rice
  • Tumanivska – Dubno: Gasoline
  • Dubno – Zhaskiv: Wheat
  • Beneva – Lipno: Cigarettes
  • Lipno – Gorinka: Herbs
  • Gorinka – Pliskiv: Crystal
  • Pliskiv – Chernivka: Wood
  • Chernivka – Brovari: Raw Amber
  • Brovari – Beneva: Tea

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