Children of Morta – Characters Guide (Skills, Traits and How to Unlock)

Contains spoilers!

Here are all the characters, organized by order of appearence.

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Margaret – The Grandma

Mother to Ben and John, she is the heart and soul of the Bergsons, containing the knowledge to guide the family in these difficult times. Slowly revealing the secrets needed to defeat the corruption that spreads across the land, threatening life as we know it.

During the first few runs you will stumble on Grandma in one of the random events, where she stands in front of a wall. This will unlock the Book of Rea: A place where you can boost different aspects in the game.

Adam – The Grandfather

Father of Ben.

Presumed dead. Last seen at the Caeldippo Caves.

Mary – The Mother

Rescued by John from goblins – they fell in love. Thus continuing the line of Bergsons.

Tree line:
Linda -> Mark -> Kevin -> Lucy -> ..and a baby!

Ben – The Uncle

Son of Rebecca and Adam.
After losing his leg to vicious goblins, he devoted his life to the fine arts and crafts of Blacksmithing. Thus becoming the family’s source to weapons and enhancing them.

After your first run you will immediately open Ben as your Blacksmith, enabling you to enhance the different aspects of your characters. These buffs apply to all family members.

John – The Warrior

Son of Margaret and Adam.
Father of the family, John carries his ancestral sword – the one that was wielded by his father Adam. The sword was recently found when John returned home to search for his father in the Caeldippo caves.

John is a sword & shield wielder, able to swing at large groups of enemies as well as blocking incoming hits and striking from behind his shield. A great all-round character.


  • Left Click – Melee Sweep (Large arc)
  • Right Click – Heaven’s Strike – Calls down swords around John, dealing high amounts of damage
  • Shift – Raise Shield – blocking incoming damage (drains stamina). While your shield is raised, you can use Left Click to hit (or dash & hit, combined with a movement key at a certain direction).
  • Ctrl Ult – Become invulnerable and deal thorn damage to attackers. During Rage: (Unlockable). Shift + Right Click: Shield Slam – Slam the ground with your shield, dealing damage, stun and knockback to all enemies around you. Shift + Space: Shield Dash – Charge.
  • Space – Dodge – (1 time)


  • 4 Level – Increase the max health of all family members
  • 8 Level – Family member’s gain Heaven’s Strike runes for their various abilities
  • 14 Level – John appears to shield any attack that would cause fatal damage upon any of his family members (3 minute cooldown)
  • 20 Level – Regenerates health for all party members when in a dungeon

Linda – The Archer

Eldest daughter of Mary and John, music is her love.
At a young age she were taught by her father to use the bow – a weapon she felt a connection to, not unlike her violin.

This is your first ranged character. She gains bonuses from hitting from afar without moving but can fire while moving, this in turn drains her stamina. Regens when not shooting/moving.
Good mobility but can be countered by large groups of enemies. Her Right Click ability can help with that as well as some runes.


  • Left Click – Fires an arrow.
  • Right Click – Explosive Crescendo – Loose an arrow upward, causing an AoE attack at the targeted location.
  • Shift – Harmonic Slam – Stuns all enemies around Linda.
  • Ctrl – Ult: Guardian’s Rage – Drastically increasing her attack speed. During Rage: (Unlockable). Right Click: Rain of Arrows – Unleash a volley of arrows in the targeted location.
  • Space – Dodge – (2 times).


  • 4 Level – Increase the movement speed of all family members.
  • 8 Level – Family member’s gain Explosive Crescendo runes for their various abilities.
  • 14 Level – Linda appears to perform her Harmonic Slam and stun nearby enemies whenever a family member receives heavy damage (3 minute cooldown).
  • 20 Level – Further increasing movement speed when weapons are sheathed.

Kevin – The Assassin

The younger brother in the family, he and Mark hold a close bond to each other.

The quickest and boldest in the family, Kevin carries two daggers. He moves at high speed, easily maneuvering across the battlefield and quickly disposing of enemies.

Kevin builds rage as he successfully hits his targets, further increasing his attack speed, thus able to mow down mobs and bosses at very high speeds


  • Left Click– Melee Thrust (Small arc).
  • Right Click– Fan of Knives – Releases a flurry of knives in all directions.
  • Shift– Shadow Cloak – Kevin vanishes into the shadows, gaining high bonus damage to his next attack.
    During Shadow Cloak: (Unlockable).
    Left Click: Execute – Emerge from the shadows to deal massive damage.
    Right Click: Shadow Dance – Release Kevin from the shadows, attacking multiple enemies in a flurry.
  • Ctrl– Ult – Unleashes Kevin’s rage to send him into a frenzy.
  • Space– Dodge (3 times).


  • 4 Level – Increase the critical damage of all family members.
  • 8 Level – Family member’s gain Kevin’s abilities runes.
  • 14 Level – Kevin appears to perform his Execute when a family member is hit by a ferocious enemy(3 minute cooldown).
  • 20 Level – Further increases family member’s critical damage.

Mark – The Monk

Elder son to Mary and John, after being saved from death by a monk, he decided to dedicate his life to follow that path.

Mark is a monk melee fighter, his Left Click attacks dashes him between enemies in range at high attack speeds causing AoE damage around the target. Great for fighting groups of enemies, difficult to avoid damage. Combines Right-in-your-face tactics with great pulling mechanisms, stuns and knockbacks.


  • Left Click – Melee Dash (Small arc).
  • Right Click – Scourging Whip – Pulls enemies in front of you towards you and stuns.
  • Shift – Swirling Staff – Summons a magical staff to hit and knockback foes.
  • Ctrl – Ult – Execute a series of punches.
  • Space – Dodge – (2 times).
  • Space + Space – Vault – Leap into the air and hit the ground to damage and stun nearby enemies.


  • 4 Level – Increase the evade bar’s regeneration of all family members.
  • 8 Level – Family member’s gain Guardian’s Rage runes for their various abilities.
  • 14 Level – Mark appears to assist a family member with a Scourging Whip when he reaches a high hit count(3 minute cooldown).
  • 20 Level – Further increases family member’s evade bar by 1.

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