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Session - Common Locations (for the Dailies)

Written by LZ Jer9-Carver   /   Oct 6, 2019    

Trouble finding a place the daily is describing? Well, with this guide it should be a lot easier to find them.


A lot of dailies describe a place, but sometimes it's still hard to truly track down where they want you to perform the tricks. This guide will show you where you can find it. I'll be referring to the bus stop map locations as well for easier fast travelling.

Police Plaza Ledge

The ledges the daily refers to are the 8 ledges inbetween the stairs near the police headquarters and the giant red statue. Easiest way to reach is to fast travel to St-Andrews Church.

9 Stair at the Small Banks

Fast travel to the Small Banks and cross the road with the broken car. You'll find the 9 stair there.

Bump to Gap in The Big Banks

Head over to the Brooklyn Bank Station. you'll find the bump to gap object behind the bus stop.

The Gap at Chatham Parking Entrance

Easiest is to just go there from your Chatham appartment. You'll find it right when you to the parking lot.

Game:   Session
Written by LZ Jer9-Carver.