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No More Room in Hell - Miner Detour Puzzle Guide

Written by Drunk Headcrab   /   Oct 13, 2019    

This guide will teach you how to do puzzles, find secrets, and complete nmo_miner_detour.

The Train

This part is pretty simple. Just kill all the zombies in each section and collect items. Be careful, though, there are lots of runners and children as it progresses!

The Fire

Simply go around and break holes in the wall. As you progress, be on the lookout for the toilet head zombie boss.

The Brakes

There are two welders that you can use to fix the brakes. One is behind the door in the bathroom; the other is locked inside a drawer.

Conductor's Quarters Key Code (Optional)


First Door Lock

There will be some runners and a child with a rock/vase on his head. Remove them and continue forward.

Hint from the map, "keep the use key (E) pressed on the wheels to make them rotate".

You must connect the cubes to the empty spaces. Once all of them are touching, the lock will click and you will be able to proceed. You can also just hold the last cube down as the lock will click even if you don't stop. I have made a rough number sequence to quickly unlock the door, but it is slightly off sometimes.

  • 1st cube: 2.2 rotations (diamond-ish shape)
  • 2nd cube: 4 rotations (cube shape)
  • 3rd cube: 3 rotations (cube shape)
  • 4th cube: rotate until click (all wheels will click into a cube shape at this point)

Minecart Puzzle

Refer to this video.

Second Door Lock

Quite similar to the first door lock. Number sequence below.

  • 1st cube: 2.5 rotations (diamond shape)
  • 2nd cube: 1.5 rotations (diamond shape)
  • 3rd cube: rotate until click (all wheels will click into a cube shape at this point)

Locked Door (Key)

Using the key from the room that is accessed by completing Door Lock 2, you can unlock this door in the side of the wall. Be careful when descending, there is a boss zombie with a very strong pot on his head.

Water Puzzle

First, you must get down to the creepy water room. Then, you must break this glass with the lever behind it. 

Flip the lever to open this door. Flip the lever behind the door and water will begin filling the whole room. 

Go back the way you came using the water and wait on the middle rail.

Some runners will pop out of the doors on the other side, so jump back as soon as you hear doors breaking and pick them off. After that, you can move forward somewhat safely.

In order to progress from this point, you'll have to drop down this shaft. Make sure to hug the wall when going down, otherwise you'll die from fall damage.

Underground Section (Part 1)

When you first get deep underground, you'll encounter this boss child with an abrasive saw attached to it. I believe the barrel part is immune to bullets, but it is definitely vulnerable to grenades and melee attacks. You can also try shooting the feet. When killed, it will drop a key which can be used to unlock the door just up ahead.

However, there is a second boss child with a chainsaw behind the door. This one doesn't drop any key items.

Underground Section (Part 2)

There is an underwater room with a key item in this zombie pit. Go under the water and retrieve the key, then use it on this gate.

There will be tunnel full of runners, so make sure you're prepared!

Once you make it through the tunnel, pull the lever on this side of this elevator, then go around and pull the other lever.

This will bring you to the upper level. Be careful though, there is an exploding TNT child boss!

Make your way to the lever. Hold it down and jump across, but be quick! The platform will spin, making it harder to jump. There is a zombie boss on the other side with some additional runners. I would advise picking the runners off and shoving the boss as you jump across and climb the ladder behind him.

There will be more runners up the ladder. Take care of them and move forward. Hold this lever down and open the door to progress. However, you must move quickly! There is a spinning pipe which will kill you if you're too slow/don't jump. The door will also close if you don't make it in time. You can open it again if you have to, though.

There will be a welded cog on the other side. Pick this canister up and place it into this thing.

Once assembled, bring it over to the steel door and hold E.

This will make the bars weak, allowing you to obtain the gas can.

Bring the gas can over to the explosive barrels and then shoot the gas can. This will ignite it and detonate the barrels, allowing you to escape with the cog.

Underground Section (Part 3)

With the floor broken, you may proceed back the way you came. Be sure to take the cog with you.

Flip the lever next to the shaft and it will blow air upwards. Go through the shaft with the cog in hand.

Bring it to this other cog and it will connect. Go back to the furnace and power it up by stepping on the red pad.

These generators will kill you if they hit you.

Get to the second shaft and go up it. Some gears will carry you outside to the next section.

The Surface

On the surface there will be a flaming boss child. Upon death, it will drop a flamethrower which can be used.

Go into the shack and there will be a decapitated head. Use it to open the scanner door.

Fight your way to the house with the radio in it. Be careful in this area; there are lots of invisible walls.

There will be a corpse with a key next to it. Unlock this box with the key and hold E.

This will allow you to push the brown box. Push the box over to the trap door. Once in position, you'll be able to access the second floor.

Rescue (The Last Stand)

When you're ready, press E on the radio. Use the firework to signal your location. Survive against the horde for 5 minutes. There will be a lot of runners and they will break the doors down. You can break the windows to shoot the runners and prevent them from breaking in. I believe there are also barricades which you can use to fortify your position. Once the helicopter arrives, you'll have to fight your way out.


1. This secret cache can be opened using a welder. It contains a custom tesla gun.

2. This revolver.

3. This bow and arrow (I'm not sure how to acquire this).

4. You can eat this bread for a full heal.

5. You can use this jukebox and it will play metal music.

6. There is a secret door in the wall with lots of dynamite in it.

Written by Drunk Headcrab.