Doraemon Story of Seasons – Fertilization Guide

Guide about how does it help to gain star and equation behind it.

Why We Used Fertilized

  • Getting Crop to 5 Star to get Crown in Produce log.
  • It save Energy spent for Watering time and Work force.
  • It yield Higher profit.
  • For Crop Festival contest and Cooking Contest.
  • It is best used to gain value from Seed maker.
  • Any crop that has more than 0.5 (1-5 star) will lose 0.5 after harvest there is no crop with 0 start it start with 0.5.


All fertilization used in this guide is Fancy fertilized, the normal one needed to explore how it work and potential later.

Math and Equation Behind It


  • ( * ) is Multiply.
  • All fertilization Used is Fancy Fertilize, Normal Fertilize needed to explore and test.
  • Remember the seed that bought from store will give you free 0.5 star if you used Fertilize and you Started with 0.5 star.
  • Crop need to be water every 3 day but you can add Fertilize to it every day.
  • If you get fraction in calculation always Round down.

Over Fertilize is the situation where you prolong crop growth by not watering your crop and add fertilize to it.

If your Fertilize used exceed Day that crop need to growth you must use second Equation.

For example

Turnip is 5 Day growth crop.

We add 5 Fertilize to it you will get 2.5 star turnip if we star with freshly bought turnip 0.5 from the store.

For calculation

We are at 0.5 already and fresh crop give you 0.5 star bonus you can gain only 1.5 to not exeed fertilization used Vs. Day that crop need to growth.

If we greedy trying to gain 2 star that game will know and the second Equation will be used.

((5/5)*2(2+1) = 6 ( 6 Fertilize needed Vs. 5 Day crop growth) this Eqaution will no longer apply we will Talk about Over fertilization Method in next Section.

(1.5 star need+0.5 free boon+0.5 star start with) = (5/5)*(2(1.5)+2) = 5 Fertilize needed = 2.5 star.

This explain What happen if we used Fancy Fertilization on whole growth period will yield you 2.5 star crop.

What if we used that 2.5 star seed to gain another 1.5 star.

(1.5 star need and start with 2.5 star 1.5+2.5 = 4) = (5/5)*(2(1.5)+2) = 5 Fertilize needed and result is 4 star crop from 2.5 star seed

That not looking good If we want to Fertilize 4 star crop to 5 it need 1 Star gain.

(1 star need and start with 4 star 4+1 = 5) = (5/5)*(2(1)+2) = 4 Fertilize needed to gain 5 Star crop.

In total you need 5+5+4 = 14 Fertilize to get a Turnip to 5 Star if we don’t over fetilize it.

Over Fertilization Method

What if we want to win The first year Contest without seed maker.

We know that we can add fertilized once day and prolong growth of growth of crop with out watering it for example.

We can prolong growth of Turnip to 15 (3*5) day by watering it every third day after we sow it.

That left a room to fertilize it with total of 15 unit of fertilization.

But the game will know that we are trying to this method thus game will use another equation when.

We used Fertllized more than number of day that require crop to growth.

In this example we still used Turnip to explain this.

We will start with freshly bought turnip from Store so we need 4 star gain 0.5 boon bonus + you star with 0.5 thus equation for Over fertilized is (5/5)*(2(4)+3) = 11 Fertilized need.

So we can schedule fertilize The Tunip to F F FW F F FW F F FW F FW W

After We sow on first day you need to water it on Day 3 6 9 11 12 and apply fertilize until day 11.

In conclusion Over fertilization method use lesser time and fertilize.


If the rain happen during schedule it can ruin your plan and you need to have good record keeping.

For me i would suggest to use Over fertilization to get your 2.5 to 5 star in 1 growth period.

Maintaining 5 Star Crop

The crop always go down by 0.5 star if you don’t fertilize it.

Just plug in first equation with 0 star needed it will show you how much fertilize it needed for example.

Tunip is 5 Star seed.

(5/5)*((0*2)+2)= 2

It just need 2 Fertilize to maintain it five star after you sow it.

Like said If you get fraction always round down for example.

Pumkin is 4 day crop growth.

To maintain 5 Star Pumkin.

(4/5)*((0*2)+2)= 1.6

Round down and you need only need 1 Fertilization.

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