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Autonauts - Automation Script Guide

Written by crowbarzero   /   Oct 25, 2019    

This guide contains a few sample automation scripts to make your life easier.

Sample Add to a 3D-Print Area

Really useful to have your resources automatically added to new structures.

Early Game Throttled Tool Production

Stops production while the end product is sitting there. Another bot can pick it up and place in the adjacent box to allow a supply on hand when needed.

Later Game Scripts

All the late game scripts are dependent on the types of upgrades you fit your bots with. For example:

You could have your bot take 2 trips or 1 depending on the upgrades.

  • Example 1: Repeat 4 times pick up item, then until bags empty drop off. Then repeat for the next resource.
  • Example 2: (Bot possesses 4 backpack slots thru upgrade mod) Collect 4 of the item you need, stow them in the backpack, then collect 4 of the other item, and then empty everything into the work bench. This may save your bot some travel time.

Simple process 3 logs at a time to planks and then drop off. The bot here is fully mk2 variant with good hand and backpack upgrades for a total of 8 hand slots and 4 backpack slots. Logs take 4 spaces and you need to set the pickup to x6 as you won't fill your bags with the products you make from the logs at this step.

Mk1 bots without upgraded hand slots are limited to 4 items in hand and a backpack slot like your character.

Without any item slot upgrades: pick up 3 items per trip and repeat it twice.

Alternative: +2 hand slots hand upgrade or mk2 body will allow you to pick up all 6 in 1 go.

Even later game alternative: Mk2 bot with the good backpack upgrade mod (ie 6 hand slots and 4 backpack slots). Pick up the panel and store it in your backpack, then pick up the 6 pegs, and deliver them all to the bench for crafting.

Other: When dropping off items (not applicable to pickups as you need the full 3 item string), you may be able to repeat ONLY the drop off action till bags are empty to minimize some of the script back and forth action and speed up the drop off process. Play with the concept in different situations to see what you can get away with.

Written by crowbarzero.

Game:   Autonauts