Stigmatized Property – Some Tips and Tricks

The game is pretty straightforward, but I want to give some hints because I was stuck for a little while toward the end.

The Path to the Apartment

When you start, visit all of the shrines. Pray to all of them. There are a few in the pathways, one behind a vending machine and garbage can toward where you start. You’ll see an interaction marker behind the garbage can for one of them, and note that you can walk the narrow paths between a wall and a house at one point. There is also a shrine behind the apartment complex. You’ll know that you have gotten all of them when she says “I feel warmer now.” Also note the rotting fish and pick up any Yen coins you find.

The Seven Pages

The apartment in question is up the stairs and the first on your left. Knock on the door and walk around a bit as she starts thinking about where a spare key might be. She’ll tell you where it is.

Welcome to the apartment! Isn’t it lovely?

1) Find the hook next to the closet around the corner. Use the hook on the hole in the wall in the kitchen.

2) Enter the bathroom. Enter the glass door on the left. Drain the tub. Use paper on the hair dryer.

3) Leave the apartment complex. Turn left past the wire fence and walk to the end. Get car key. Use car key on car.

4) Leave the apartment and go to the intersection where the cat(?) died. You will see a man. Walk toward him…

5) Leave the apartment and walk around to the back. Enter the small space with the man staring into the corner… Make sure to read the newspaper! Holy sh*t this is no bueno!!!! Take the stool from the room and bring it back upstairs. Place it in front of the open window and climb in.

6) Grab the rotting fish near the intersection and give it to the crow at the end of the balcony outside the haunted apartment

7) The second to last Y10 coin is along the front of the apartment complex. After you find it, go to the back of the building…….

If you are alive, the last Y10 coin is on the kitchen counter in the first floor apartment. Spend your Y100 at the vending machine near the apartment building (it’s the one in the middle next to the garbage can as you walk into the complex area).

Congratulations! Did you make it through this game without having a heart attack? 🙂

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