Green Hell – Beginner Guide

Learn the essentials for survival before you start. On the spot facts in the right order – no spoilers, no unnecessary stuff.

Most Important

1. Craft an axe: stick (found on ground), stone (found on ground)

  • You can “right-click harvest” any larger object in smaller (stick -> small stick, big stone – stone etc).

2. Eat as you go, only carry if you are stuffed

  • You can safely eat any mushrooms (observe effects).
  • Orange fruits are fine to eat.

3. Collect stuff as you go (stones, sticks, ropes, etc.)

4. Water: do not drink from dirty / unsafe water (parasites)

  • You need a coconut (green, on ground), hitting it with an axe will reveal coconut.
  • Right-click “drink” (for water) then right-click “harvest” yields two flesh filled, right-click “eat”.
  • Whenever it rains and you are thirsty put coconut shells on ground, wait a moment, right-click “drink”.
  • Always carry shells with you.

5. Danger avoidance

  • Leeches: if magnification symbol appears, always check limbs for leeches.
  • Snakes: if you hear rattle, immediately walk backwards, avoid by going around.
  • Later you can easily shot with arrow and harvest the meat.
  • Never touch bright colored frogs (you are a dead man).

Tools and Game Safe

1. Craft a blade (two stones)

  • Required for harvesting animals.

2. Craft a bow (long stick from thin trees), rope (from big trees hanging down)

  • This will be your best friend for hunting and defense.
  • Always aim for the head (one shot kill)!
  • Craft arrows (2 feathers from dead birds), small stick.

3. Craft a spear (long stick), blade, rope

  • Very handy for spear fishing, quite easy, find fish, aim, hit.

4. Safe game: build a shelter, you can sleep and safe there

5. Only travel daytime, sleep in the night

  • If you are in a hurry just build a bed from palm leafs (no safe).
  • 4pm is the time to look for shelter.

Go Hunting

1. Go hunting with your bow (always aim for the head for one shot kill!)

  • Right-click to harvest animals (you get dirty).
  • Wash yourself always if you a dirty (right-click on any water, even dirty water –> wash yourself).
  • If you are dirty and you eat something –> parasites.
  • Do not eat raw meat, always cook in fire.
  • Parasites: by now you should have found the right mushroom (blue or brown).

2. Build fire

  • Craft fire starter (stick, small stick).
  • Get dry matter (birds nest, better: hit any bush/plant with a blade –> pile of leafs –> wait –> dry matter).
  • Right-click “use” fire starter, drag dry matter from your inventory, light fire.
  • Make armor from bones (banana leaf, 3 bones, 2 ropes, drag from inventory to your limbs.

The world is now good to explore.

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