Lust from Beyond: Prologue – 100% Achievements Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!


Lust from Beyond: Prologue is a free and short horror adventure. This guide contains detailed information on all secrets and relevant actions to unlock all 22 achievements.

You can press “Tab” key to view your current objective(s).


It was just a dream

  • Finish the dream about the land of Lusst’ghaa.

Preparing the Ritual

  • Collect all the ritual items.

The end of the beginning

  • Finish the game.



  • Complete the game in censored mode.

Complete the entire game in censored mode.


  • Turn of censorship during gameplay.

The censorship can be turned on or off via the options menu. 



  • Don’t show any doubts speaking to the Cult members.

Reply with these options while talking with Sabinian and Theodore:

  •  Yes, it is an amazing night.
  •  What will be our next move?
  •  All right. Let’s do this.
  •  I am ready.
  •  I got it.

Secret love

  • Read all the letters concerning Mabel and complete all the conversations with her.

  1. After the dream about the land of Lusst’ghaa, find Mabel on the balcony and talk with her.
  2. Read the “Letter to Mabel” and the “Letter to Barry Simmon” (refer to “Collectibles” section).
  3. Talk with Mabel again (nearby the stairs) after leaving Theodore’s bedroom.

Theodore’s secret

  • Open the secret locker in Theodore’s bedroom.

Find the skull key in the attic (refer to “Collectibles” section) and use it with the bust. The locker is below the mantelpiece.

Curiosity satisfied

  • Talk to the prisoner under the stairs.

Collect and place all lauv’abrarc figures on the locked box in the library to obtain the key to the door below the stairs. Open it before starting the ritual!


  • Spend a minute reading prayers from Iauv’abrarc’s altar.

The altar with the prayers is located in the dining hall, between the masks.


  • Open the tabernacle with as few moves as possible.

Optimized solution for the safe in the dining hall: 3 – 5 – 6 – 1 – 1 – 4 – 4 – 5 – 3 – 5.

Eternal delight

  • Look at the cultist orgy for 5 minutes.

The orgy is taking place downstairs after completing the ritual. Go close to the cultists and wait for five minutes. Make sure to unlock the achievement before speaking with Theodore in the dining hall.

The Devil never sleeps

  • Pick up the devil mask, when the light is out in the mansion.

The devil mask is in the dining hall.

Bloody delight

  • Look at unconscious Mabel for 3 minutes.

You will find Mabel in the attic during the quest “Warn the rest of the cultists”.


  • Walk through Lusst’ghaa without receiving damage.

During the final level of the prologue you will encounter a manageable number of deadly traps. If you stay on the path and don’t hide inside caskets, you only have to take care of hostile plants.

I recommend you to backup your save files after entering the portal. You can find them here:

…AppDataLocalLowMovie Games LunariumLust from Beyond – Prologue

Use your oil lamp and stay close to the drone to surive without taking any damage. If you get hit, simply reload your backup and try again. If you need additional help, please refer to this strategy guide.


  • 2 First aid kits (don’t forget to use them).
  • 3 Sedatives (don’t forget to use them).
  • 3 Bandages.
  • 7 Items in Theodore’s bedroom.
  • 9 lauv’abrarc figures.
  • 13 Notes.
  • 15 Masks.
  • 13 Additional missable and touchable items.

Please refer to the below listed sections for further details.


  • Find and use all the first aid kits.


  • Find and use all the sedatives.

To spite Theodore

  • Pick up all the items in Theodore’s room.


  • Collect all the lauv’abrarc figures.


  • Read all the notes.

True faces

  • Pick up all the masks.

Sticky fingers

  • Pick up all the touchable items in the game. 


  • Mysterious Object (story-related item).
  • Strange Object (screenshot).


Your Bedroom

  • Sedatives (desk, bottom left compartment).
  • Letter to Mabel (desk, central drawer).
  • Mask (nightstand).
  • Letter from Sylvia (nightstand, drawer).

Mabel’s Bedroom

  • Tarot card (dressing table, top).
  • Note (dressing table, left compartment).
  • Wooden phallus (dressing table, right compartment).


  • Bandage (mirror cabinet).
  • First Aid Kit (glass cabinet).

Living Room

  • Horse statue (bookcase).
  • Eden theatre ticket (bookcase, central drawer).
  • Musical box (table).
  • lauv’abrarc figure (outside the open window).


  • Bandage (cabinet next to the stairs).

Ritual Room

  •  lauv’abrarc figure (behind the third statue on the right).
  •  Key to Theodore’s bedroom (story). 

Theodore’s Bedroom

  •  Mask (mantelpiece).
  •  Oil lamp and combination glass (story).
  •  Letter to Barry Simmons (cabinet, drawer).
  •  Sedatives (cabinet, bottom compartment).
  •  Set of teeth (nightstand).
  •  Stone figure (nightstand, drawer).
  •  Letter to Theodore and lauv’abrarc figure (secret locker, key is in the attic).


Dining Hall

  • 12 Masks
  • Prayers (between the masks)
  • lauv’abrarc figure (behind the middle torso)
  • lauv’abrarc figure (inside the grandfather clock)
  • Goblet of Passion (story, inside the safe)


  • Note (next to Dominic and Donald)
  • First aid kit (sceenshot)
  • lauv’abrarc figure (screenshot)

Living Room

  • lauv’abrarc figure (on the table with the iron, next to the cat with the violin).
  • Member registry (cabinet next to the couch, upper drawer).
  • Torn note from S. (screenshot).


  • lauv’abrarc figure (bookcase, behind a closed door).
  • Newspaper article (central floor, next to the locked box).
  • Key for the secret chamber (locked box, must find and place all figures).
  • Letter to Sabinian (small table, only available after obtaining Theodore’s concoction).


  • Skull (entrance area).



Room with Ladder

  • Bandage (shelf)

Main Room

  • Waistbelt (small table)
  • Metallic object (movable shelf)

Old Workshop

  • Theodore’s concoction (story)
  • Page “The Essence” (desk)
  • lauv’abrarc figure (desk, left drawer)
  • Sedatives (shelf, next to the drawer)
  • Skull key (screenshot)

Night & Lusst’ghaa

Mabel’s Bedroom

  • Mask

Secret Chamber (below the stairs)

  • Bloody note


  • Lusst’ghaan blade (story)
  • Mysterious object (story)
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