Crossroads Inn – Campaign Guide with Tips and Tricks

Page about guide and some tricks and tips for Crossroads Inn. Warning! Guide contains a lot of spoilers!

Best Tips and Tricks

  • Save your game often – especially at the the start of chapter 1 before you build or get a loan – that way if you have to re-build the inn due to a mistake or lack of money its easy to start over.
  • Press Tab to see a flat / different view of the inn – easier to see where your employees are.
  • To add a room to an existing room – click in that room first so it turns green then add the room in the blank tiles.
  • Make use of the open/close button on the left. This button opens or closes your inn for new customers. The old customers will stay and slowly leave. If you are feeling overwhelmed or if your inn is dirty or you run out of money/supplies – close the inn. Once you have everything back in order you can re-open.
  • To monitor any supply go to the warehouse tab and click on the supply then the eye button. This will add it to the bottom of your screen.
  • If you want to know what ingredients are in a recipe or want to be able to find those in a store, go ahead and add it to your menu. The ingredients will appear with a list icon in the store.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on the non-food supplies – firewood, candles, mugs and plates – you’ll be able to make some of these earlier but in the early game you’ll need to buy.
  • Don’t forget to make some staff room space – your employees need to rest too! – Put some beds (at least 3) in there and you should have much happier people.
  • First thing you should do in chapter 1: You will be creating a new Inn – check your journal first – you can select the upgrade that reduces the price of room creation – do this! It will save you money.
  • What to do if someone is stealing your stuff: During chapter 2 soldiers will steal your supplies, you can’t stop this but you can do a few things.

  1. Make sure your storage area only has one entrance, click on the door to lock that entrance anytime you see a soldier rushing at it. – make sure you are ready to pause or slow time they are quick!
  2. If you have the money – hire as many watchmen as possible.
  3. Complete the quest for whoever you helped asap – this won’t stop everyone from stealing but it will stop some.


Nice to Know

  • In the Prologue many of the quests reward you with money. Don’t be afraid to play around and add more to your Inn. Hire a few more people. Decorate. Have a little fun!
  • During the Prologue your goal is to learn how a Inn runs, what the different rooms do, the impact of workers and decorations.
  • Most items will be locked and slowly unlock along the way campaign.
  • Pay attention to the open / close button – during the prologue it is turned off and on for you automatically, but you can toggle it yourself whenever you want.
  • At the end of the prologue your inn will have an accident and you will start over. You won’t be able to take your money or progress.

Chapter 1

  • Your old Inn is gone and now you have to build a new one! – Don’t panic! – I’ll try to help!
  • Save your game! – you will probably want to try several styles or ways to create your new inn – and money is tight.
  • Go to your journal – you will see that you have some upgrade points- look for the grayed out upgrade that reduces the price of room creation. It looks like a room with a % sign in it. This will save you some much needed cash.
  • Go to the money lender – How much should you get? – Look at your journal – you have some items you must have enough money to build / purchase don’t take too little or too much. After the inn is created and you start working on the other quests you will get 22000. I suggest only getting 16000 at most from the money lender. You have to pay interest so the less you get the better. If you only take that much and pay it back as soon as you get your 22000 you’ll have around 4000 left to get supplies and whatever else you couldn’t afford.
  • This is not the best picture – but the point is to show you the basics of how I set this up. You can of course choose to do it your own way.
  • To save money everything is on one floor – stairs are expensive! 1000 coins.
  • The rooms you will need to succeed are main room, kitchen, staff room, at least 2 private rooms, 1 big guest room and a storage area.
  • Plan ahead and watch your money – it will go fast as you build.

  • In the picture you can see that I have several rooms. I always start with the main hall room – the icon is a mug – if you notice I made sure to leave at least 2 spaces behind where I put my bar. This makes it easier to move around. I also left room to grow to the left. When I get more money I’ll add on there.
  • Kitchen is usually 4 squares – make sure you leave money to put a firewood stand and probably a cauldron as the bread soup is cheap to make if you have one.
  • Behind the kitchen I have a 3 square employee area with beds – this is important – they need an area to rest to maintain a good attitude and you won’t want them using your guest beds.
  • To the right you can see the storage area – it is 4 squares and slightly away from the other buildings. There is only one entrance. This entrance can be locked if your items start disappearing. – Make sure you leave money for the 2 barrels and 1 shelf – the water barrel does count toward this.
  • In the front of the building you can see that I have a water barrel – a well is too expensive for me (right now) and a supply pad. If you can’t afford the supply pad or any of the other items not in your task list that you want – don’t worry – you’ll get a little relief later on. I also have a signpost – ignore that.
  • Make sure you don’t forget that water barrel – you’ll need to have water to clean and for most recipies.
  • Ok back to the rooms – the last rooms can be done later – but if you have the money go for it. In the back I added several empty rooms as a hallway – this allows me to expand later on.
  • I added 2 private rooms – mine are 3 squares and each has a bed but you could do 4 if you have the money.
  • Add a big common sleeping room – I suggest investing in the more expensive beds (not pictured) if they are not unlocked – check your journal – there is a picture of a bed on the upgrade screen that allows people to rent rooms. The more stars you have on the guest room the more you can charge. You’ll make your money back.
  • Finally – windows -doors and – lights – Buy some candles or people will complain about your inn being dark – constantly (super annoying) – add windows when you have the money – make sure each room has a door.

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