Valkyria Chronicles 4 – Quick Weapon Guide

This guide created for showing what weapons do what exactly.

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Are you tired of going to the equipment section to equip your squads with the new weapons you got from R&D only to be sometimes confused by the name or stats sometimes of those weapons? Do you hate having to go back to the glossary or R&D just remember what they do? Fear not for this guide is a quick way to getting that info ready at hand.

I will quickly show for each section, the weapon tech tree, the weapon itself, and what it does in a short and long way. This will focus mostly on stock / captured weapons but later on i will added more weapons in the future.


Here will quickly tell what each stat info means in-game.


The name of gun, every time you buy an upgrade of a weapon, the letters/numbers at the end of the name change and go up. Example: Gallian-S10 —> Gallian-S11.


Aim stat affects on how big or small the red circle is when you aim your weapon, which determines how accurate your bullets will fire within the circle. Lowest being E and Highest being A

A weapon with E aiming.

A weapons with B aiming


Determines how far can bullets/rockets fly before hitting falloff point. If the projectile goes past its max range then the damage goes way down. Projectiles don’t disappear until they hit something.

Vs Personnel

Damage against enemy soldiers.

Vs Armor

Damage against Machines and buildings.


The Number of times a weapon will fire in one clip.


A Status that a weapon will inflict if it hits and doesn’t kill the target.


  • Evasion: Lower dodge skills.
  • Attack: Lower Firepower.
  • Ap Waste: reduce AP.

I won’t add full charts of stats, but when i compare 2 weapons for one of their stats i will use the highest tier model for those weapons to get an idea of how they are at max upgrades.

Example: comparing anti armor damage (Elias MA13: 1500 armor damage / Sanders M14: 340 armor damage).



  • Pros: Best Accuracy and Range
  • Cons: Less Firepower.
  • Info: These variants have highest range and accuracy out of 3 rifles but trades off some damage. Great for picking off enemies from a distance and having a bigger Interception fire range.


  • Pros: A good All rounder.
  • Cons: average at everything.
  • Info: Classic default weapon of the rifles. Jack of all trades, gets the job done.


  • Pros: High Firepower, Can fire 7 rounds.
  • Cons: Low range and accuracy.
  • Info: Has the second highest damage and the biggest clip size out of all the rifles, makes it great for taking on tanky enemies in close range, while its damage helps its Interception fire be more deadly, the range is still short.

ZM Kars

  • Pros: Very High Firepower
  • Cons: Lower range and accuracy
  • Info: Captured weapons have much higher firepower compared to browns, the highest brown weapon has 52 Damage Vs Personal/ 65 damage Vs Armor while Highest Zm kars weapons can have 70/90* (*weapon DLC only) damage Vs Personal/ 75/150*(weapon dlc only) damage Vs Armor but at the cost really bad aim and range.

Machine Guns


  • Pros: Best Accuracy
  • Cons: slightly less damage.
  • Info: Best Aim and accuracy out of all the machines guns, good for picking out enemies from a bit of a distance.


  • Pros: High Damage per shot.
  • Cons Bad Accuracy
  • Info: These are basic standard machines guns, good damage but you may need to get close to land your shots due to low accuracy.


  • Pros: Highest Clip / Shots
  • Cons: lowest accurate and low range
  • Info: Despite having low DPS and range, the clip size can help put out more damage overall if the shots hit, as well having a longer firing duration during the Interception fire but watch out for enemies with a high defense.


  • Pros: Highest Damage vs Personal
  • Cons: Lower accuracy and very short range.
  • Info: If you wanted something really dead then these are the guns for you, but you will really have to get close to land your shots. Zm Mp has 53 damage vs personal while robinsons have second highest at 42 damage vs personal.



  • Pros: High Accuracy and Range
  • Cons: Slightly less Firepower
  • Info: Best Lances for making shots across the map, Good idea to pair with lancers with good aim themselves.


  • Pros: Good Firepower
  • Cons: Bad Accuracy
  • Info: M2EQ has the best firepower out of the 3 lances in the tree, (SB9: 1700 damage/M2EQ: 1900 damage) but with lower accuracy than its SB9 cousins make sure to move in closer to land your shots.


  • Pros: High Blast Radius, Faster versions of HartMan Mortars
  • Cons: Lower Damage against Armor.
  • Info: These Mortar Lancers change up how you play lancer, great for taking head on sandbag units, and groups of soldiers, faster than a Grenadier’s Hartman mortar, you don’t need to setup, almost same firepower but unlike Grenadiers lancers have higher defense and health than them. Remember that they fire in an arc instead of a straight line. Enemy Lancers take less damage.


  • Pros: Highest Firepower
  • Cons: Lowest Range and Accuracy
  • Info: While M2EQ has the highest damage in the lance tree, its the second highest compared to VB PLs (M2EQ: 1900 Damage/ VB PL: 2000 damage or 3000 if you have the weapon DLC) but like most captured weapons, you have to get in real close to your targets or suffer some falloff.

Sniper Rifles


  • Pros: Best Accuracy and Range
  • Cons: Less Firepower
  • Info: Having the best range out of the all snipers, means you can pick off farther away and land shots much better, but having lower firepower means soldiers can take more interception fire from you.


  • Pros: All-Rounder
  • Cons: Doesn’t excel at anything too much
  • Info: Balanced range, aim and firepower a jack of all trades sniper rifle. If you need something that does it all then LF-Wasps are for you.


  • Pros: Fires 3 shots
  • Cons: bad accuracy and range
  • Info: This sniper rifle can fire 3 shots at the cost of 1 ammo which means it can put out more damage, this also counts for interception fire as well. Remember that’s range and aim can make landing shots a bit harder, also only Elite snipers can use this type of sniper (Rank 11 and up).


  • Pros: Highest Damage
  • Cons: Very Bad Range and Accuracy
  • Info: Same as all captured weapons, get in close and do some real damage due to having the highest damage (LF-Wasp: 170 damage/ ZM SG: 215 damage) but terrible aim and range (GSR: A+ aim and 1800 range/ ZM SG: B+ aim and 800 range.) The DLC weapons ZM SG X2 and XD are anti tank sniper rifles with up to 1500 damage against armor.



  • Pros: High Anti-Personnel Damage and Speed Down status effect
  • Cons: Low accuracy
  • Info: Great for taking out groups of soldiers far away, Applies a Speed debuff on soldiers duriing interception fire but does not work on vehicles.


  • Pros: Good accuracy, range and speed down effect
  • Cons: Doesn’t excel at anything.
  • Info: These are your typical mortars, they have range, accuracy and blast radius to hit their targets, they also apply “speed down” effect like their Hartman brothers, has average damage against armor and infantry.


  • Pros: High Anti-Armor Damage and Tank AP 0 effect.
  • Cons: Shorter Range and bad against infantry.
  • Info: If you need to take out lots of tanks or gating turrets then Elias are the best anti armor mortars. If you land a direct hit on a tank during your interception fire, it will cause its treads to break down and won’t be able to move for that turn. While its really good against armor its terrible against infantry and its effect doesn’t apply to them.


  • Pros: More accurate interception fire
  • Cons: None of these VB GW mortars can destroy treads.
  • Info: Use these if you need to hold down the line, since they can land more interception shots, they can really defend or block off an area that soldiers will either have to avoid or go through and risk getting shot at. All mortars of this type will apply a Speed Down effect even the anti armor ones. Note that the DLC weapon VB GW 8 has both high infantry and armor damage but only has a max ammo of one.

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