Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – Liquid Vim Guide (Where to Find for Harvest)

Please note: all credit goes to samuraj_55!

For everyone who needs liquid vims but does not know where to find them? you have come to the right quide, with this quide you will find lots of them.

Best Place to Harvest Liquid Vim

The only thing you need is the godsbane blade and lots of patience (30 minutes) you can quite the game without saving but it will take more time. Also make sure that you dont have any pawns with you including your main pawn (solo run).

First what you need to do go to the frontier caverns wich is located in the far northwest corner of the shadow fort.

Note: That the proving grounds wich is located further in the frontier caverns is closed and locked until the notice board quest: Put The Eye Out is completed.

In the first section of the frontier caverns eliminate all of the goblins and hobgoblins.

After, in every corner of the cave are gather spots.

Save the game at a gather spot and start gathering until you get a liquid vim, if you keep getting unwanted items use the godsbane and load, patience is key.

Repeat the process in every gather spot.

Once you have gathered Liquid vims in every gather spot in the frontier caverns continue deeper down to the proving grounds and eliminate all of the enemies there as well.

Around the Proving Grounds near the wall are gather spots, some are hidden behind rocks so take your time to search every corner.

The chests in the gathering hall do not contain any Liquid Vims but the boxes and crates do, so make sure that you save your game before breaking them, thats why its important you dont have any pawns with you. Once you are done you should have 25 liquid Vims in total in your inventory.

All enemies and gather spots should reset after 6/7 in game days so you can repeat the process. This is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get Liquid vims, thank you for taking a look at my guide and i hope it helps you find Liquid Vims more easily.

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