Day of Dragons – Where to Find Food in PvE (Useful Tips and Locations)

Looking for food without having to kill other players? There’s plenty lying around if you know where to look!

Finding Food

Information from pre-Steam release builds claim that food can only be found on one section of the map, but a little bit of exploring finds that isn’t true! It was a little frustrating to track them down without any visual guides for what exactly I was looking for, so I decided to save the rest of you the brain ache and snap a few photos myself.

Non-Player food sources currently come in the form of yellow animal corpses of various sizes. While the larger ones are easy to see, the smaller ones can more easily be spotted by the pressense of blue ‘flies’ hovering around them (there is no ‘buzzing’ sound cue, so you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled). There are not, in the current build, any living AI creatures to hunt, so these are your primary method of finding food without having to do pvp. These corpses do not seem to despawn or deplete as of time publishing this guide.

So where do you find these corpses? Mostly you will not find them in the immediate area around spawn points, but require at least a little bit of traveling through the desert. Places where you can typically find corpses however are very distinct among the otherwise same-y tan dunes. The ground will be gray and black with boulders scattered about. It stands out significantly, so it’s hard to miss. However, not ALL of these rocky areas always contain corpses.


You are going to have the easiest time finding corpses if you choose to play as a Fire Dragon. By pressing ‘V’ a Fire Dragon toggles on ‘Thermal Vision’ which highlights corpses with a bright yellow glow. You’ll be able to see them even from a pretty far distance away!

There is usually at least one corpse a short distance from the spawn points. As stated, they will never be IN the oasis areas, but they are within an easily walkable distance even for a hatchling. Depending on where you spawn it may be just outside the detection range of thermal vision, but if you are able to get up to a high point you should be able to find it easily.

Locating food immediately after you hatch is priority number one! Once you’ve secured your food source, you should be able to safely rest nearby by pressing the ‘R’ key to increase your growth rate.

Corpse Locations

As expected, a lot of these spots have been changed and additional corpses have been placed around the map. I’m leaving the top portion as-is for the visual references.

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