Running With Rifles – Tank Driving Guide (Tips and Tricks)

A collection of notes on tank driving for anyone looking to improve. Not everything contained here is equally useful or important.

How to Drive The Tank

On Driving

  • If using AI gunners, keep cannons directed towards the enemy.
  • Practice timing shots, and shooting around corners (push, shoot, reverse and reload, repeat)
  • Don’t stay too close to a wall, fence, tree or vehicle.
  • Use your AI squad members to cover flanks, push, and distract/bait enemy vehicles with.
  • Use the walk-key when AI or players are close by.
  • Try to always have a straight path behind you on which you can reverse out of danger when needed.
  • You don’t need to repair after every hit taken, I don’t usually repair unless I’m making a critical push or below 50% HP in a faction tank. Any hits taken when below that has a chance to destroy or disable your tank although two hits are usually required. Save time and stay in the fight, and if you need repairs do it on the frontline while capturing or defending a base with friendly AI between your tank and the enemy.
  • If you need to take out an enemy vehicle you have a few options, you can use a hill to block straight shots while shooting back at the same time, move in and out of cover while timing your shots and directing main or, as I most often do it, slightly turn the tank away from the enemy, then exit while keeping the AI gunners inside aiming towards the enemy, bait with the rest of AI and proceed to kill the hostile vehicle with a well placed shot from an M202. To improve your chances of succeeding, crouch and stand still to increase your accuracy, don’t shoot uphill and make sure AI is between you and your target.
  • Keep in mind that the faction tanks are immune to damage from Vulcan and Radar Tank.
  • Flank Tow / Hornet if possible. Otherwise use AI as bait to get close. Human gunner(s) can be useful here.
  • Use high-zoom weapons to increase view range (Barrett x1.65, M24-A2/PSG-90 x1.6, SCAR x1.5)
  • Javelin as a possible alternative to M202 Flash. M202 still better overall.

On Supporting The Tank

  • Attempt to keep rooftops near the tank clear.
  • Attempt to keep covers and hiding spots near the tank on each side clear.
  • Don’t run or stand closely directly behind the tank, by extension, don’t repair the tank from the rear.
  • Don’t get between the main gun and the thing it’s aiming at.

Sidenote to consider

Only repair if the tank itself is away from combat with low HP (smoking), or in battle but in a steady position (capturing a base / camping) or if you see the driver himself repairing. If you decide to repair nontheless don’t be surprised if the tank drives off or ignores you.

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