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Enter the Gungeon - How to Unlock Every Secret Character

Written by Sesambroetchen23   /   Dec 8, 2019    

Are you tired of only playing one of the four standard characters in EtG? In this guide you can find the answer on how to unlock every of the four secret characters.

General Information

In this guide I will show you how to unlock each of the four secret characters and give you some informations about their abbilities.

The Bullet


The bullet is my favourite character in etg. I mean, it's a bullet kin. Thats just hilarious. It's main weapon called "blasphemy" is a sword, which destroies all nearby bullets in front of you and fires a rainbowy bullet while being on full health. In addition the Bullet comes with the passive item "live ammo" which provides immunity to contact damage and increases your dodge roll damage.

How to unlock:

To unlock the Bullet you must beat the past of at least one of the standard characters. After that, bullet kins which won't attack you can spawn randomly in any room (but they're more likely to appear on later floors). Just ignore them and they will disappear after a few seconds. After doing this five times, the Bullet will automaticly be unlocked.

The Robot


The robot comes with a pretty decent starter weapon and the passive item ... which makes your bullets electric and the active item "water bottle" which splashes water on the ground. If yhou should over the water then, it will electrify and enemies stepping on it will be hurt. However, the real special thing about the Robot is, that he only as armor, no health. This means that you can't use heartcontainers and you'll just get one piece of armor when collecting a chamber.

How to unlock:

When jumping into the elevator pit of the first floor you'll get to a special room. There you find the active item "busted television". Just bring it to the blacksmith and the robot will be unlocked. However, it's not that easy, because every time you dodge roll or get damaged the busted televisin will get unequipped.

The Paradox


The paradox is a pretty unique character. Instead of having a special starting gun or an item he starts with one random gun, one starter weapon and one random passive or active item so you never know what to expect. Of course you could use a mod for this instead but with the paradox you have a sort of randomized rund without the need of downloading mtg.

How to unlock:

To unlock the paradox you have to go on one of this spirally, universe looking things in the ground. I don't know how to describe it but it's the same thing which you can find on the ground next to the blacksmith. Just interact with it and you will turn into this color as well. Then finish the run like you would normally do an vouila! Paradox is unlocked.

The Gunslinger


In my opinion the Gunslinger is by far the strongest secret character because of his "OP" passive item. With the so called "Lich's Eye Bullets" you get every synergy available for a specific wapon. His main weapon isn't to bad as well, after shooting all bullets the gunslinger will through his gun on the enemy which deals some extra damgage.

How to unlock:

To unlock the Gunslinger you have to beat the Lich with the paradox. This will automaticly trigger a new run as the Gunslinger. Then you have to get to Gunslingers past, which will teleport you to the bullet hell. But instead of fighting against the normal Lich you'll have to beat two of them at the same time. Luckily you must only beat his first phase.

Written by Sesambroetchen23.