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This guide will detail the locations of every collectible in Boneworks.

Full Collectible List with Locations


Welcome to my collectibles guide! I hope to detail the location of every weapon, NPC spawnable, and module.

Sandbox Mode

For instructions on unlocking Sandbox Mode, see Modules – Museum. You must archive everything in the beginning to unlock Sandbox Mode.

Reclamation Bins

This is a reclamation bin. By tossing collectibles — weapons, NPC “pills”, modules — in there, you unlock whatever that thing might be, in sandbox mode. Not all items are collectible though!

Boneworks Crates

Creates labeled with the Boneworks logo may contain collectibles! Break them and see what’s inside.

Monomat Object Dispensing System Presents

Purchasable presents are randomized!

Mag/Currency Cheating (Cheat Engine)


This may not work with the most recent update! It was suggested by Heyesy Dude to use Save Editor Online instead!

During the making of this guide, I didn’t have enough currency (ammo in this case) to buy some of the thing I wanted to showcase. I was able to cheat it in by putting some currency in the slot, scanning for that amount (4 Bytes), repeating until I was down to one value. Change that value to 99999999 and refund. There you go!

Image guide:

First off, open Cheat Engine and select the BONEWORKS process:

Next, put some ammo in. Scan for the amount you put in (the refunded count):

Keep scanning until you have one result. Double-click it to add it to the list, and double-click the value in the list. Change it to something like 9999999 (not too high, not too low) and refund. Voila!




The first weapon in the game is the crowbar. This can be found in the first orange locker you encounter.

Baseball Bat

This is the second weapon in the game. It can be found in the first alley you encounter – impossible to miss.


If you aren’t paying attention to detail, you may have missed these pipes. It’s in a metal cabinet around the corner where you found the bat.



If you want to reclaim weapons in the weapons range exhibit, you will need to stick a trash can (or similarly-sized indestructible object) beneath where the first giant glass door closes.



Right before the big puzzle, turn around and rush through the door. You can tell where it is by the door’s brightness compared to the rest of the wall, and the light coming from under the door. The sledgehammer is around the corner. You may also find the sandbox module by breaking the Boneworks box in the corner.


In the room with the big puzzle, you can find some hammers sitting right by some glass.

Random Melee Weapon

Destroying the three barrels in the room with the big puzzle may yield random melee weapons, such as a frying pan, a hooked axe, etc.

Glock + Crowbar

In the first room on the second floor next to the inventories demonstration you’ll find a crowbar and Glock sitting on a block.


This next section will require you to stick a trash can below the giant door, as you may not go back to the Reclamation Bin otherwise!

Crossing the green laser will open up the next area and try smash the giant door into the trashcan. You’ll have a gap of space to crawl.


On the ledge in one of the weapons stalls is an MP5.


Another stall has a couple of UZIs.

M4 (no attachments)

The next stall has a no-attachments M4.

Most Melee Weapons

Behind the last stall is an area with all the melee weapons:

On the far inner-wall there’ll be a couple of recycle bins. Put one of each melee weapon inside:

Take the bin full of weapons back to the giant door. Hit the red button on the other side to raise the door (shutting the weapons room door), and toss everything into the Reclamation Bin:

Balloon Gun

Cannot collect here. See Weapons – Streets. The Balloon Gun can be found in the Gravity Room in the next area. Unfortunately, the entrance and exit to that room have the object-erasing barriers.



The Nullbody spawnable can be found at the Monomat™ Object Dispensing System. This costs 45 pistol rounds.

Omni Wrecker

The Omni Wrecker spawnable can be found in the room with the demo trash collector. Get the ball to the other side and ram the yellow ramp. This will drop a Boneworks crate with the spawnable inside.


Sandbox Module

You must have started by archiving every item in Breakroom. You can unlock Sandbox mode by finding the Sandbox module and tossing it in the first Reclamation Bin. The module may be found in the archival room, right before the last puzzle on the first floor. Turn around to find the hidden door:

In the corner is a Boneworks crate. Break it, and inside you’ll find the Sandbox module!

Take the module and throw it inside the Reclamation Bin by the first Monomat™ Object Dispensing System.



Balloon Gun

This one took me about 15 minutes to get. Play through the level up until the playroom. If you look up, you’ll see a ledge with a Boneworks crate. Our goal is to get up there, break it, and grab whatever’s in it.

First thing you’ll want to do is tip the ramp over so it’s leading up to the wall:

Run up the ramp and jump, or climb it by putting both hands on the ledge, crouching physically, and lifting yourself up. Mid-way through, crouch in-game if you haven’t already.

Make your way to this light panel:

You can only grab onto the sides. Grab the panel and lift yourself on top using the method listed before. (TODO: video demonstration) Once on top, move forward and backwards to swing the platform until you can safely grab the side of the next one. Keep doing that until you reach the final ledge.

Once you’re on the ledge, break the Boneworks crate and you’ll have a brand new Balloon Gun!

Double-headed Axe

TODO: Prettify this!

After the play area, there’s a hallway with a couple of doors leading to the left. The key can be found above you in a BONEWORKS crate. Either shoot it down or climb up the boxes.


Omni Wrecker

After getting the Balloon Gun (optional – I know that parkour’s hard; I was tempted to give up), continue through the level to an alleyway where you encounter a soldier. Clear that area out and look behind the metal grate, further down the alley. A Boneworks crate!

You can either get to that crate by ballooning yourself to the top of the map and falling to it (beautiful view by the way)…

…or you can complete the puzzle and jump off the the edge to get to it. Break open the crate and voila!

Go into the street and get sucked up, or balloon yourself up and to the final Reclamation Bin. If you don’t have the Balloon Gun, you’ll have to run through the map again. Luckily, I don’t think enemies respawn… maybe.

Lastly, the Reclamation Bin can be found in this area on the ground:

When you get there, don’t wander off, otherwise you’ll get jumped by Nullbodies. Drop the Balloon Gun and the NPC pill in.



This one is a little hard to get. You can find it on top of the gravity monument thing. You’ll have to somehow spin the big one upside down, but when you do, it’ll drop the BONEWORKS crate.



This section gets pretty spoopy first go around.

M4 (Holo Sight)

At the Monomat Object Dispensing System, the bottom-right bin (costing 420 rounds) has an M4 with a holographic sight. I’m not very good at using the holo-sight, so I’d skip it, but here’s what it looks like:


There are two known methods to this. The first is to parkour out of the map (safest), and the second (intended method) is to climb on the other side of a fence over an area.

Parkour Method

Good luck. I did some hardcore parkour to get myself out of the map, and phased through a building or two to get it. You’ll want to find and go through this window:

It’s inside the room with the glass windows. Climb on the blue pipe to the metal bars, shoot out the window, crouch while holding onto the center of the top bar, and grab the edge of the window. Do the crouch method detailed in one of the previous sections and get onto the roof. Now head away from the building and around all of the obstacles. Keep going until you see a long line of barriers glitching – that’s the area you want to be. Go through one of the walls and head to the very end, where you’ll find the BONEWORKS crate. Here’s a video of the entire process:

Fence-climbing Method

Go through most of the level until you get here:

Break the lock on the door and kill the soldiers. Do not drop into the next area—you cannot come back! Grab the other side of the fence and climb across to the other side.

Jump-climb onto the next ledge and get your gun out – more soldiers will spawn. Keep walking until the wall at the far end; you’ll find a BONEWORKS crate there.


Omni Turret

This can be found in the room above the button puzzle. I just jumped onto the platforms ’till the end, shot the BONEWORKS crate until it broke, and force-grabbed the NPC.


This section is especially spooky for me. Not when I have the Nimbus Gun though! Hooray for noclip! You can get it at the end of the game.


Glock + Pipes + Pan

You can find a Glock, some pipes, and a pan in a small office behind a locked metal door:

MP5K + Night Vision

In the room with the wooden bridge (hard to miss), there’s a weapons crate with an MP5K and a mag inside. Do be careful — some Nullbodies will spawn.

In the same room, to the right of the crate on a couch is a night vision headset.

Hammer + Sledgehammer + Purple Key

In the room you slide into, by two power-related thingies, you’ll find a hammer and sledgehammer. The purple key is on top of a large pipe with some ammo. I don’t know how to get up there – maybe shooting the ammo crate will knock it down?

Spiked Bat

I’m not entirely sure on how to get to the next section, but if you continue down the tunnel, you might run into a gate that requires the green key on the other side. I didn’t spend enough time looking around for it, so… hehehe…

Well, the first room after the tunnel has another Boneworks crate. Inside is a spiked bat.

Spiked Bat

Spiked bat! Very nice! It’s in the big room with the pit, up and to the left when you enter the room. There’s a chain rope you can climb up. Beware though, there’s a Headset (Headcrab) up there!


Green Corrupted Ford

Once you have the purple key (see Weapons – Sewers on where to find it), go through the door to the left of the orange-keyed door:

Continue through the tunnel (killing all the Nullbodies in the process) until you get to another Boneworks crate. Break it… and there you go!



M4 (laser attachment)

It has my favorite attachment. The laser is 100% accurate — you don’t even need to aim down the sight!

Probably not worth it for just this level (do know that you will have to fight soldiers near the end), unless you intend on throwing the stuff in the Reclamation Bin.

Cost: 3,000 Currency


Alternative title: 1911

You can find a couple of 1911’s in the first warehouse. Getting in may or may not be easy – if you manage to get onto the roof, you can fall in through a skylight window. There’s a Nullbody and a few Headsets in there.


Headset Nullbody

This one is fairly easy to get. When you spawn, take out the Nullbody to the left and look back where you spawned. Look above the Monomat™ Object Dispensing System and you’ll see a BONEWORKS crate.

Start off by climbing the light gray section of the wall – you can grab onto it. Move up and to the left, and grab onto the yellow pipe. Continue right then grab onto the next pipe. Head up, head right around the corner, and onto the top of the metal structure. Grab the next pipe, move left, up onto the next pipe, up onto the bits below the windows, onto the next pipe, up to the last pipe, and move yourself across. Here’s a video demonstration:

Headset (Headcrab)

This next one can be a easy with good aim. It’s above the tram at the end of the level.

Central Station



First of all, find a weapon. Anything will work – you will have to fight a blue Nullbody. Go behind the spawn tram and look about 45 degrees up. Woah, a BONEWORKS crate! We like those. This will require a bit of climbing, but you can do it!



Half Axe + Cleaver

To get both of these, progress the level until you get to the walk ways with the soldiers. Jump off and onto the ceiling of the starting room with the Monomat™ Object Dispensing System and blue key. Move to the next ledge down (facing the same area the door with Don’t Open above is) and you’ll find two BONEWORKS crates.



You’re Ford! Maybe? Maybe. You can find this by getting to the same floor as the bunch of soldiers and sprint-jumping on the ball. Sprint-jump onto the center square and there’s a BONEWORKS crate!

Ford VR Junkie

You’re Ford! Maybe? Maybe. How about Ford with a cool headset? Nah. You can find this by the end of the level, on top of a high ledge. Climb the yellow bars, shoot the BONEWORKS crate, and force-grab the pill.

Time Tower

The weapons in this section are hard to get, as you need to find a LOT of ammo. For cheating in ammo, check the Mag / Currency Cheating (Cheat Engine) section.

There are two Monomat Object Dispensing Systems in the beginning room of this level. The left contains normal weapons, and the right contains sandbox-oriented weapons. Starting from left to right, top to bottom:


Dev Manipulator

A physics gun! It has two modes–AOE (Area Of Effect), which can be achieved by lightly holding down the trigger, and single-target, with a full press.

Cost: 19,600

Utility Gun

Once you have the Utility Gun, you can spawn it any time from the menu. It lets you spawn in anything you’ve put in a Reclamation Bin, including NPCs, objects, gadgets, weapons, etc.

Cost: 22,100

Nimbus Gun

Like a noclip gun. You’re noclipping while you’re holding it.

Cost: 24,500

Power Puncher

This punches things really hard. Wow!

Cost: 12,500

Gravity Plate

Alternative title: Sticking Suction Cup

It’s a single suction cup that sticks to whatever you attach it to, if you use both triggers on it. It makes whatever you’re attaching it to weightless.

Cost: 15,000

Gravity Cups

Essentially suction cups.

Cost: 17,200

These items can be tossed into this Reclamation Bin, to the left of the lift:

Gravity Staff

The Gravity Staff is a long stick with a bulky end. Bringing it within close proximity to spheres will grab it, and keep a tight grip as long as you’re holding the gravity staff. It can be found standing against some crates on the elevator.


You’d be best finding the Katana in a previous level.

The Katana can be found in a BONEWORKS crate on the ceiling, held up by some wood planks.

Yeah… way up there.

If you can afford it (I mean, you should), I’d recommend buying the ACOG rifle. At the very least, you’d be able to better target the box. Or buy the Glock and judge off of bullet hits.


There we go!


Crablet Plus

The Crablet Plus pill can be found in BONEWORKS crate in a hole-in-the-wall cubby area. You must acquire the Nimbus Gun to be able to reach this area! Note: These only naturally appear in Arcade Mode.



Norse Axe

The norse axe can be found on the table outside of your cell (to the left, where another Ford (not the first one you encounter) is standing behind).

Double Axe

You can find the double axe in the locked room next to your cell, up the hall. To get in there, simply push the bricks in the back of your cell (opposite of the door) outward. Slowly shimmy across the ledge and jump across the gap. In there you’ll find a blue key (to get out), and a weapons crate with the battleaxe.



Hey! It’s Ford again! In your cell, look straight up. You’ll see a bunch of metal bars lit up by a single red light:

Get out of the cell and drag a table below the hole:

Up here you can find the Reclamation Bin:

Going to the end of the hallway, across the pit is a BONEWORKS crate! Jump onto a set of rocks to the left and climb to it. There you go!

Thank You, Stress Level Zero!

This message can be found on top of the final video sphere.

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