The Forest – Complete Survival Guide

A 100% survival guide for The Forest.

How to Complete The Forest Game

Plane Crash

You’re on the plane when it suddenly tips and heads for the ground. You grab Timmys survival book before the crash.

Grab the axe and search for loot in the suit cases that can be unlocked with the axe swing. These suit cases are great for snacks and cloth drops. Medication can be found aswell for quick healing during combat.



How hungry your character is. Shown by the stomach diagram.


Shown by the water drop diagram. Displays how thirsty your character is.


Light blue bar and it’s how much you can run. Recharges over time.


Dark blue bar. How much stamina you can hold is judged by the energy bar. When it’s low you can’t run much. Drink sodas or sleep in a bed.


Ponds are clear water lake like places found in the forest. You can’t drink ocean water so this is the next best thing. The water is polluted but until you find a water catcher this is good enough.


When you kill enemies you get blood on you. Wash it off in water or you’ll get infected.

First House

Look for a spot that has:

  • Pond water supply.
  • Lots of twigs and logs.
  • Not near the beach.

Press b

And head over to the shelter tab and click small cabin which is only 8 logs or so. This can be made pretty quickly by chopping down trees.

Noose trap

Anti cannibal attacks which hangs them up. Pretty funny when it goes off.

  • 2 stick.
  • 1 rope.
  • 5 logs.

First Night

You should spend the first night asleep in your cabin that you made during the day. Simply go into the cabin and hold z on the icon.

Steam achievement for it.

You’ll wake up hungry and thirsty.

Fire Pit

You must cook food on a fire pit. Check the quality of the meat with Inventory.

Throw bodies on the fire

Throwing cannibal bodies on the fire gives bones which is used in bone armour.

Drying rack

Allows you to save your meat from spoiling by hanging it up for later use. 16 sticks.


When you sleep you’ll need to eat and drink fresh water to refill your gauge. The best way for this is to find a pond to drink from and hunting animals that you find.

Upgraded spear on a fish

The animals you can hunt are:

  • Birds.
  • Deers.
  • Lizards.
  • Crocodiles.
  • Raccoons.
  • Boars.
  • Squirrels.

Shoot a bird with a bow:

Make sure to go for lizards as they can be used as armour.

Stick Markers

Place these stick markers found in the utility tab in the book for icons in the world to remind you where important places are. You can colour change the flag for differnt meanings.

Cannibal Village

These camps are home to cannibals and have supplies gathered around them from victims they have killed. Make sure to grab all the cloth and fuel that’s around and to smash any suit cases present.

Watch out for cannibals!

Cave entrances are located near by.

Yacht + Tree

The yacht is present near the tree of sacrifice. Sharks can be found dead on the beach. Inside is the music player and clues.

Sleep on the bed in the yacht and get an achievement.

Grave on shore

There’s a grave with a tape on it and a photo.

For later… kinda spoiler

Kinda spoiler but not really. There’s a door that needs a keycard found later on.


Has a cache near it, you must use dynamite to blow it open. Gives a part of the old gun.

Crafting Upgrades

Weak spear

Two sticks.

Upgraded spear

  • 3 bone.
  • Weak spear.
  • Cloth.

Crafted bow

  • 1 stick.
  • 1 cloth.
  • 1 rope.

Stick bag

  • 1 rabbit fur.
  • 2 rope.
  • 3 cloth.

Water skin

  • 2 deer skin.
  • 1 rope.


  1. Find a swamp area where crocodiles are.
  2. Stab them 6 times and they will die.
  3. Grab the 4 lizard skin they carry.

You can easily make basic armour with this.

Crafting Armour

Stealth armour

  • 1 lizard skin.
  • 50 leaves.

Wear and full set ad get:

Bone armour

  • 6 bones.
  • 3 cloth.

Cave Entrance

There’s many caves in the forest but you will find cave entrances along your playthrough. Use a stick marker to mark it’s location.


When your sanity drops below 90% you can craft effigys. Open the book with ‘B’ and go look through the end tabs.

Family statues

If you choose the emergency shut down ending you will get a page of your family but as stick figure decorations. Open the book with ‘B’ and check above the effigy tab.

Fifth Night


Congrats on five nights.

By now you should have quite a few bases and buildings set up. You may now start to think about entering caves for better loot.

New house

Enhance Weapons

To enhance weapons you need either feathers or teeth. Feathers are found from birds and teeth from cannibals.

  • Feathers = more speed.
  • Teeth = more dps.

Combine either two with a weapon and tree sap. Tree sap is found from trees.

Bird box

Collect feathers from a bird box. Sticks and 1 log.



Made from multiple arms and legs with multiple sexual organs.


Highly aggressive with lots of arms.


Simply is fat and runs.

Warm Suit + Shoes

Warm suit

Allows you to stay warm in the snow.

  • 4 boar skin.
  • 1 raccoon skin.
  • 1 rabbit skin.
  • 6 deer skin.
  • 2 cloth.
  • 2 rope.

Snow shoes

Allows better walking in snow biomes.


The forest is riddled with collectibles. Make sure to keep an eye out for them.

Cave 2


Map is found on the ground. Press ‘m’ to open it.


Shows the direction.

Modern axe

In a stash down a rope.

Cave 5

Cave 5 has bodies everywhere.

Childrens drawings laying around the floor.

Features the re-breather which allows breathing underwater. Found on a dead guy.

Skull door which needs skulls or rocks to open.

Cave 6

Has tape lunch with meagan next to abunch of heads.


Right near the camcorder. Important story item, grab it.


Has the camcorder item. Allows playback of tapes found.

Beach exit near the crates.

Kanji Cave

Kanji cave is in the ocean in front of the shipping containers. It has a yellow rope to mark the cave entrance.

The tower page

You can build a massive tower.

The glider page

Allows the build of the glider.

Flare Gun

Found in a plane head in the snow biome.

Just go inside and grab it from the pilot.

Crossbow + Page

Found inside a pirate ship, you’ll need the re-breather and a raft.

The ship is broken and sunk just west of the boat near the tree.

Once you swim into the hole, you’ll be able to grab the crossbow.

On the map this is near the bottom left.

Page 1/4

To the right of the crossbow is a secret build page for your book.

Reactor Rod

Use the gold key card found in the main story dropped from the child that was going to be sacrificed but was already dead on the boat door.


Inside the room is the totem that can be used to open the door inside the snow cave near the shutdown ending.

What does it do?

Turn it either blue or red and place it in the ground.

  • Blue – Turns cannibals peaceful in the area.
  • Red – Turns them into a horde mode with waves.


  1. Megans arrival tape is just a video of megan showing up in a helicopter.
  2. Lunch with megan tape is just a video of them in the secret base hall eating.

The Pit

Big round circle pit that you can find on the map. You get inside from one of the caves.


Either use cave 7 or use the glider to fly into it.

The helicopter

Has the machete weapon near the fallen helicopter.


Found near helicopter.

The lab entry

You swim into the next cave so you can enter the lab.

The Lab

Use the keycard on the lab door.

The artifact

You’ll find your son dead so you need a host to revive him with the machine. Where you will sacrifice the girl but she will be dead.

The boss battle

Megan will be waiting for you and she’ll turn into a freaky monster. Kill it and take the body back.

Ending 1 + 2

Two endings are present in the forest.

One is for being able to keep playing in your world and the other is for the true cinematic ending.

Ending 1

  • You choose to bring down the plane so you can get a host to save your son.
  • You survive the forest and write a top selling book.
  • Your son has spasms like megan as the demon thing inside grows stronger.
  • It cuts to your son in room having a spasm and something growing out his arm.

Note: You can’t keep plying with this ending.

Ending 2

  • You choose to shutdown the reactor and thus your son is dead forever.
  • You burn the picture and return to the forest.
  • You end the cycle of the forest.

Then this happens:

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