Song of Horror – Complete Achievement Walkthrough

This is my guide for Song of Horror Episodes 1, 2 & 3. It includes pictures, and video walkthroughs

Complete Achievement Guide (Season 1-3)


I haven’t hidden any spoilers in this guide, please play through each episode once on your own. In case you are stuck here are my video guides:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 1

Unmissable Story Achievements

A Door That Should Not Be

  • Daniel has become trapped in the Husher Mansion… or elsewhere.

Hold The Door!

  • Learn how to block The Door.

Dying of the Light

  • Learn how to resist The Darkness.


  • You have rescued Daniel from the Husher Mansion.


Paper Shadows

  • Complete the Husher Haiku Collection

There are 3 Haiku poems strewn around the house, the first is in the drawer where you get the Master Key.

The second is in the car in the backyard.

The third is held by the little girl in the attic:

Character Achievements

Princess in Shining Armor

  • Sophie has found Daniel and saved his life.

Hands-on Boss

  • Eitenne has found Daniel and saved his life.

An Alarming Discovery

  • Alina has entered the Husher Mansion and gone above and beyond the call of duty.

An Unexpected Guest

  • Alexander has returned to the Husher Mansion, but he didn’t find the person he was expecting.

Here is my 0 death speed run of Episode 1:

Misc Achievements

A Parting Gift

  • Pick up a gift from a character you previously lost.

The Fall of the House of Husher

  • Find Daniel at the Husher Mansion, without losing any characters, on Edgar Allan Poe or higher difficulty.

Episode 2

Unmissable Story Achievements

A Quiet Place

  • Learn how to survive The Silence.

Silence in Heaven

  • You have found Isaac Färber and his music box.


The Tooth Fairy

  • Find Coltar’s Wisdom Tooth.

You can get this achievement from the fortune machine near the front of the store, you need to collect three tokens, the silver token can be found in a trashcan in the corner of the courtyard.

The gold token can be found in Erica Färber’s apartment in the spider tank, you need to feed it the pet food found in Isaac Färber’s kitchen before picking up the token.

The platinum token can be found in the basement storage room after making the luminol concoction (you cannot go into this room before this as the darkness will kill you).

Character Achievements


  • Erica has found her father.


  • René has found Isaac Färber

Faster than Death

  • Finish an episode (in which there is more than one character) playing exclusively as Daniel.

Here is my 0 death speed run of Episode 2:

Episode 3 + Interlude

Unmissable Story Achievements

The Yellow Brick Road

  • You have discovered Sebastian P. Husher’s whereabouts.


Character Achievements

Honoris Causa

  • Omar has survived The Great Library.

A Practical Lesson

  • Grace has survived The Great Library.

Summa ♥♥♥ Laude

  • Discover Sebastian P. Husher’s whereabouts, without losing any characters, on Edgar Allan Poe or higher difficulty.

Here is my 0 Death Speedrun of Episode 3 + The Interlude:

Missing Achievements

These are achievements I haven’t yet figured out how to get, sorry! I think some of them might be for episode 4.

Till Horror Do Us Part

  • Find Maxwell’s Lucky Coin.

It Gazes Back

  • Learn how to escape The Abyss.

Through the Looking Glass

  • You have found Sebastian P. Husher and lived to tell the tale.

The Unforgiven

  • Ernest paved the way for Daniel to find Sebastian P. Husher.

One for All, All for One

  • Find Sebastian P. Husher, without losing any characters, on Edgar Allan Poe or higher difficulty

It of Many Faces

  • Find the Tarot Deck.

Deus in Absentia

  • Learn how to stand your ground against the Requiem.


  • Sebastian P. Husher, in the cell, with no mirror.
Written by Minxy

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