Starcom: Nexus – 100% Achievement Guide

Starcome: Nexus is full of secrets and events you encounter when you explorer the galaxy. For some you can get an achievement. In this guide i want to gather all achievements and how you can get it. Some are story relevant, some not.

Full Achievement List

Easy to Get, No Further Explanation Needed

Greetings, Commander

  • Meet Commodore Price.

A Hole in our Universe

  • Travel through a Warp Nexus.

Star Trader

  • Trade with another race.

Planetary Scout

  • Complete 25 planetary surveys.

Sector Surveyor

  • Complete 100 planetary surveys

Galactiv Explorer

  • Complete 250 planetary surveys.

The Morningstar

  • Find evidence of The Morningstar. There are anomalys and life pods. You cant miss it.

Saurid Survey Survivors

  • Help the Saurid find their missing survey team.

Asteroid Hunter

  • Destroy all the asteroids in the Alpha Galaxy at the beginning before you travel through the rift.

Balance of Power Tilted

  • Destroy the Chitik Hive / Space Station. The Saurids will ask you to do it.

More Complicated

Under New Management

  • Collect ore from the Chitik Mining facility a second time, dont dismantle the droids at first.

The Hidden Lab

  • Explore the hidden ice lab at 7.77 x 0.69. I think you have to kill all your landing crew to get this achivement. (?)

The Citadel

  • Gain access to Entarq’s Citadel. The Ulooquo trade the password you need to enter.

Phage Eradicated

  • Eliminate the Phage. (Its easy, follow instructions of your Crew officer)

Our Nyctian Friends

  • Gain the Nyctian research bonus.

At -2.30 x 7.32 you found the “Empty Colony” and one gate at the planet and another above. The second must in line with the first one. Now you can activate the gates and jump to the Lost colony (as alternative you can find it at -6.24 x 10.67). Now help them with 2 of your crew members to build the colony up. After awhile come back and some of the Nyctians want out of gratitude visit the Kite Station. They will boost the research speed.


  • Solve the Watering Hole Maze. Go E S S E S and you found a dead body with research points.

The Beast

  • Defeat the beast of the labyrinth.

The anomaly “Stone Spheres” is a star card. The planet with the Labyrinth is left of the system group at 39.44 x 7.47.

Once you go down the big cave go: S E S S E E S E E E N W N W W N

This will take you to the area that unlocks the lab door on the 10th move, unlock the door and keep following my guide.

On the 16th and last move you will be at the lab with the weapon.

Then all you have to go is go South again and wander around until the beast attempts to kill your crew, don’t worry about being attacked on the way there, you’ll lose some crew maybe on the 4th move but keep going.

Fine Feathered Friends

  • Visit the Araonian Provisional Capital.

Head far south of the Provisional Capital and you can found their main systems and real capital. As alternative there is a portal at -3.37 x -30.31 to them. After you got the license at the main capital go back to the stranded scouts and tell them about the main nest. Out of gratitude they have a party for you at the Provisional Capital.

Zoar Destroyer

  • Destroy the zoar station. Destroy it before Endgame and when you bought everything.

Wild Goose Chase

  • As least the geese were delicious. Wild goose planet is north-east of the Citadell at 20.24 x 10.63.

Comet Chaser

  • Discover every comet. White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Prismatic. Location will follow when i found all).

Star and Bars

  • Achieve rank of Captain.

Lost Island

  • Visit the Lost Island. The second gate of the “Empyt colony throw you in the vague direction of the Lost Planet (at 1.45 x 12.45).

Thank you

  • Thank you for playing Starcom: Nexus!

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