Starcom: Nexus – Sunken Ship Quest Guide

How to find the planet whose image you found on the sunken ship.

How to Solve Sunken Ship Quest

Solving the Quest

At one point, you will find a planetary map on a sunken ship.

The key to finding it i snot actually the planetary image or the text block in the upper left, it is the star map on the bottom.

The most important thing is the colors – there are only a few blue stars. Most of them have the wrong number of planets, and if they don’t, the planets are not the right color on your star map. An example:

There is only one system with a blue star that has the same number and colors of planets:

The exact location is -18.68 X -42.49, just one hop away from the Provisional Capital of the Araona

You most likely visited that system before. Maybe you noticed that (in the current game version at least) the planet reverts to a (!) even after surveying it as soon as you visit a different system, yet when you returned, it stated that “Survey completed”. This is because you did not have that quest at the time, revisit it and you can actually survey it again.

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