Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion – Final Boss Fighting Guide

This guide explains how to defeat the final boss and avoid all of it’s attacks.

Starting The Fight

After Room 1000 you meet with Spooky once again. You are told that there is one more trial that you must pass.

And that is, defeating the Taker! The Taker or Specimen 9 is the game’s final boss. In its normal form avoiding him is easy, just avoid long hallways and staying idle for too long. The fight takes place in a square room and the Taker floats above it. It is out of reach for most of the fight but can be lowered down in order to deal some damage. You will have your handy axe for the fight but be careful because it still wastes your stamina. The Taker has four attacks that get tougher as you progress trough the fight.

Attack One – Soul Pillars

This is usually the first attack the Taker will use against you. Three holes will appear on the floor and after a second, pillars made of faces will jut out from the holes. After dealing damage to the Taker, the number of pillars will increase. It can go all the way to six. The pillars appear close to each other. One will not be far from the rest. So just stand far away from the holes and the pillars won’t be a problem even when their number increases.

Attack Two – Shadow Hands

From the spot below the Taker, a large shadow hand will outstretch and begin following you. Eventually the hand stops and smaller red hands jut out upwards from it. To avoid this attack, just keep on walking or running and don’t stop until the hand stops. When damage is done to the Taker, the number of hands will increase. The strategy stays the same, keep on running or walking and pay attention the the position of the hands.

Attack Three – Smaller Enemies

After the hands the Taker will summon weaker enemies to attack you. They can do significant damage if you’re not careful. The Taker first spawns two but it will spawn more as you do damage to it. The enemies always die in one hit though. The best method of killing them is to run toward them spamming the axe because if you get close and then attack they can easily attack you first. You can also separate the enemies so that the other won’t damage you. When there’s two of them just kill them as quickly as possible but when there is more of them just avoid them and prepare yourself for the next attack.

Attack Four – Fireballs

A red aura will start to form around the Taker and after that he will launch a large fireball at you. After that the aura reappears and he launches several fireballs at you. Later in the fight he immediately launches multiple fireballs. These are not to be avoided though, they are the key to beating the Taker.

Defeating The Taker

To deal damage to the Taker you have to wait for the fireball attack and then deflect one of the fireballs with your axe. The Taker will get lower and you can attack him. When he does, run to him and spam your axe at him to deal as much damage as possible. After he goes back up be ready for the first attack and repeat everything until the game stops you.

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