PC Building Simulator – Career Mode Tips

A guide about PC Building Simulator to help in career mode.

Useful Tips

  1. You will get back most of the time what you spent on the parts so there is no point of trying to find a part that is the cheapest or is the exact budget, just don’t overspend.
  2. When you order something I would select next day shipping because when you accept a job, it comes tomorrow so there is no point of getting it the current day unless you need it now and it would not waste much money.
  3. If there is a job that requires you to Diagnose and Fix, you can save money on shipping by guessing. You can get clues from 2 things, the description and the budget. You can read the description to find things that they say that would tell you whats wrong and you can try to find what item is the exact price (ex. $200 CPU and you have a $200 budget.) You can try this at your own risk because it is not perfect and even if you think it is the PSU it could be something else.
  4. For 3Dmark, you can use online calculators to figure out what parts will give you the 3Dmark score. You can also use this for a achievement that requires you to get a exact score that is required.
  5. The point of the other benches is for 3Dmark. Lots of the jobs you get require you to get a 3Dmark score and it takes a minute for it to finish. You can start 3Dmark on a PC then use another bench for a different PC. Also if you have only one flash drive and you have 2 computers that need 3Dmark make sure to unplug the flash drive.
  6. Make sure to pay attention to the description. Sometimes that will say stuff like “My PC has been running slow.” That means that PC has a virus and you need to install the antivirus software and run it. This is required for 5 stars. There is also others that will mention stuff like brands, cables, dirt, and used parts.
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  1. I just got this game and its sick, but can i build my own computer and sell it on some website? Or is that for a different thing?

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