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Garden Paws - Useful Building Tips

Written by lydocia   /   Jan 2, 2020    

In this guide I will post screenshots of some useful things I have built that may inspire you for your own creations.

Tips for Building

Combine a Shed and a Wardrobe for a Big Closet Storage

Sheds are my go-to storage solution so I will shift them and decorate them as much as possible. They go extremely well with the wardrobe, creating a stylish closet space. Extrude the shed a bit more for a walk-in closet.

Vertically Placed Pillars Make for Good Railings

For example, for the above bridge, I rotated the wooden pillars (alternating left and right so they align properly), painted them with a Stone Paint Brush and offset them with Stone Display Stands.

Outhouse Makes for a Good Poop Shed

I put a shed over my outhouse, built 4 walls and a roof over it and hid a compost bin in there for good measure. The result is a big poop shed to fertilizer in.

Light Wood Long Table Makes for Excellent Shelving

I organised all my produce and other storage on two of these tables. The chests are easily accessible as well. Behind the shelves are some painted walls, pillars and stone display stands to "fix" the broken-looking original outer wall.

Close Up Your Barn, Fill It with Sheds and Use It as Storage

I closed my barn with some walls and left a doorway to access my sheds. The front bit of the barn became my apiary area, the backside a shed with spare animals that I'm hoarding. What else will you do with this much open space?

Ladders Save Lives (and Time)

This is a pretty straight-forward and simple tip but: add ladders to places you need to take the long way around for regularly. Grabbing the above chest, for instance, has been a pet peeve of mine. I had to go the whole way around all the way to Frank's and back, but thanks to this super simple ladder... hop, hop, and done.

Free Your Chickens

Adding extra coops is all find and dandy, but it keeps your chickens locked up in that tiny area. Free them by shifting their habitat halfway into the ground, hiding the fence and effective freeing them to wander around the rest of your coop. You're welcome, chickies.

Hide Your Delivery Crates

I *really* didn't like the chests lining up on my front lawn, so I hid them underneath some stones and hedges. They're still accessible, just less ugly (I really like hiding storages. I think I have a problem).

Shed, Bed and Worktable as Camping Equipment

I have plopped down this setup in multiple places in my world, for when I am taming animals in that area, need to have a quick nap or just want to wake up close to the addictive summer games.

Written by lydocia.

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