Don’t Starve Together – Event Guide on Full Moons

This guide detailed explains events which named Full Moons.

Full Moons Guide


This is a quick guide on full moons, including when the first few full moons will be, and what can and will occur during them.

What Happens During Full Moons

Full moons are very important events. Here are some of the most important things to remember about them.

Most important things

  • During full moons, everything will be clearly illuminated (at night) and you will not need to worry about the darkness attacking you.
  • Any pigs caught outside during a full moon will transform into aggressive were-pigs.
  • Full moons are your only opportunities to collect glommer’s flower (which is the item to control the location of glommer, who will spawn after the flower appears) from glommer’s statue.
  • Aggressive ghosts will emerge from any type of grave during a full moon.

Other things

  • Woodie will transform into a werebeaver during a full moon.
  • Chester can transform into Shadow Chester or Snow Chester if the right conditions are met during a full moon.
  • Wild and aggressive pigs (wild boars?) will also turn into were-pigs when caught outside during a full moon.
  • Tides (in beach biomes) are much stronger during full moons.

When Full Moons Will Happen

The first full moon will happen on Night 11.

After the first full moon, one will occur every 20 days.

  • First Full Moon: Night 11.
  • Second Full Moon: Night 31.
  • Third Full Moon: Night 51.
  • Fourth Full Moon: Night 71.
  • Fifth Full Moon: Night 91.
  • Etc…


  1. it is instead of breaking the combined suspisius marbles at a full moon (that will release there clockwork counterparts) do it at a new moon and then all of the other marble statues will break at once and then the fight begins (there are 3 diffrent enimies in it and when you kill one the others level up)

    • I believe for snow chester he needs to have every slot filled by an ice gem, and every slot filled by nightmare fuel for shadow chester. Snow chester refrigerates contents, shadow chester is more spacious.

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