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ParanormalHK - Achievement Guide

Written by n1KEYT   /   Jan 8, 2020    

Full Achievement Guide

Short YouTube Video Achievements


Achievement Walkthrough

Meet Granny

  • Get all the way to granny and speak to her.

A Risky Adventure

  • Complete the exorcism of Kathy.

Ahoi's Cursed Video

  • Watch the entire recording when you get to the "my computer" part.

San Gung Hei

  • Press buttons before the "opera" finishes to get this achievement.

The Clue

  • Where the "Ferris Wheel" is about half way down on the side you will see a note on the desk, you must pick up that note to get the achievement (Watch video for further detail).


  • You complete this achievement by running over "kathy" in the car about 7 times...it comes naturally, you just need to do the mission to advance.

Sincere Thanks

  • Beat the entire game and watch the entire credits, achievement unlocks at the end.

Written by n1KEYT.

Game:   ParanormalHK