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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone - Level Editor Guide

Written by Crilly   /   Jan 8, 2020    

This guide is supposed to be a modern guide to the level editor as of now, I hope this is helpful.

Guide to Level Editor

Basic Tools, and What They Do

One of the things I see with newer level editors is that they may not use their tools, when I was new it took me forever to find out how useful the tools were and how much easier they made scaling and rotation as well as positioning and selection

Tool 1, the Draggy Boi

The drag tool is good for dragging things out, it is the default tool and it is good at dragging things into the general position of where you want them to allow the 2nd tool to position them precisely

Tool 2, The Positioning Arrow Tool

Tool 2 is also incredibly useful, it is used for making precise movements and is affected by rotation, pressing 2 or clicking the white box to the right of the drag tool (which is the default tool) selects it, and when you select an object you can click and drag on of the 3 arrows that it causes to appear, these move it in the direction that the arrow is dragged in, useful for precise movement

Tool 3, Rotation Tool

The rotation tool can be used to rotate things move quickly, and it cares about positioning unlike inputting direct rotation angles into the rotation boxes, be careful using it in the animation system unless you use a technique I will explain later, the rotation tool allows you to rotate things to your liking without playing around endlessly with rotation values

Tool 4, The Scaling Tool

The scaling tool is similar to the positioning tool in the way it looks, you click and drag arrows to scale things in the direction selected, useful for scaling and works flawlessly with the animation system


Written by Crilly.