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Man of the House - Walkthrough and Endings of MC

Written by Kaa   /   Jan 9, 2020    

Man of the House Guides:

This guide contains complete MCs walkthrough and all endings in The Man of the House game.

MC Walkthrough and Endings


  • To make things easier (and less grindy): cheat for money and lock your mood at max.
  • Any action that gives points to a character should be repeated until they no longer give points
  • Do MC path first until it’s finished, then continue with other characters.



Step 1

  • Play the introduction Day – MC learn the first achievements (Learning the Ropes) (+5 Mom Love).
  • Buy everything, achievements (fully upgraded).

Step 2 (Maximizing Intellect and Start Charisma)

  • 10:00 – Health Club (workout) – Amy (talk twice).
  • 10:00 - Go to Tanning room at the Health Club, tan (limit once per day).
  • 11:00 – Work (pizzeria) until you get (the Milf level 3 - alternative payment).
  • Anytime - Learn on the computer (online courses).
  • 18:00 – Travel by transit to open the Casino.

Step 3 (Maximizing Strength and Charisma)

  • 10:00 - Keep going to Tanning room, until you max Charisma (limit once per day).
  • 12:00 – Training (improve strength) 10-20-30-40-50.
  • (Save before and reload if it’s unsuccessful) Walk at night - The thief - run away.
  • 12:30 - Health Club - work (requires 30 strength) - Keep working until you get the "Blonde Level 3" event (this requires 50 strength).
  • Walk at Night – Find the Guy (buy the taser).
  • Walk at night - The thief - (use taser).

Pam (Pizzeria)

  • 11:00 > 00.59 PM.

Megan (Coffee Shop).

  • 08:00 - Talk with Meghan about (Police Station) go talk with Veronica.
  • 11:00 – Megan talk with MC with Veronica’s help - achievement (getting acquainted).

Valerie (Neon Club Owner)

  • 00:00 - 05:00 - Neon Club behind bar.


  • The twins will record the new album in the City.

Other Events

Dream (0.8.5)

  • While sleeping, you can have a strange dream.

Christmas Special (0.8.6)

  • Check on Veronica -> Scold.
  • Check on Ashley -> It’s alright, I guess.
  • Check on Mom / Claire.
  • Check on Veronica -> That depends.
  • Ashley’s Drink -> Red Wine - > Read Message.
  • Veronica’s Drink -> Manhattan.
  • Mom’s / Claire’s Drink -> Irish Coffee.
  • Your room.


You can view any endings you’ve unlocked by clicking on your bed and “Thinking about the Future”.

Note: After viewing an ending you can go back to just before you started the ending, so it won’t mess up your game.

Unlock Ashley’s endings

  • Max Ashley’s stats.
  • Max Sophia’s stats as well.
  • Buy Pregnancy Test from Drug Store.

Unlock Veronica’s endings

  • Max Veronica’s stats.
  • Max Amy’s stats as well.
  • Dominate Debby at Masquerade.

Unlock Claire’s (Mom’s) first ending (at office) by maxing Claire’s (Mom’s) stats.

Unlocked in 1.0.1

  • Unlock Emma’s ending by maxing Emma’s stats.
  • Unlock Pam’s ending by maxing Pam’s stats.

Unlocked in 1.0.2

  • Unlock Claire’s (Mom’s) second ending (doing nothing) by maxing Diane’s stats.

Unlock Special ending by watching all other endings

  • To watch the entire ending, you need to max Ashley’s jealousy and Claire’s (Mom’s) suspicion as well.

Written by Kaa.