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Walking Zombie 2 - List of Redeem Codes

Written by Scampi_ml   /   Jan 12, 2020    

This guide includes list of redeem codes for free in-game items. Not hacks or cheats.

How to Enter Codes

Just press on keyboard "Esc" in game "Options" then click the tab "Others" and then click the "Redeem Code". Type them in capital letters:

  • THANKYOU - gives you 10 Ananas Grenades.
  • KILLZOMBIE - gives you 10 Rugby Grenades.
  • CHRISTMAS2019 - gives you 20 Snow Grenades.
  • INEEDGAS - gives you 30 gas (works only for version 3.1.0 and later).
  • GOLDGOLD - gives you 20 gold coins.
  • SILVERCOINS - gives you 2000 silver coins.

Please note: You can only use the codes once!

Written by Scampi_ml.