Raven’s Cry – Ships Guide

This guide will list the basic details of all the purchasable ships in the game. Including a small description, the purchase price and the in game location to acquire it. All ships are shown with no upgrades with skeletal crew for comparison of base stats.


This will be your starter ship after you finish the prologue and enter into Chapter One in St. Lucia. The base cost of this vessel is 5,000R or Free depending on your story line quest choice/actions.


This ship has the lowest overhead cost of crew over cargo space and is an excellent choice for those who wish to prosper with the games trading system. The base cost of this vessel is 8,000R and it can be purchased in Bridgetown from the ‘Broke Captain’.


This ship can be thought of as an upgraded schooner in terms of functionality as it packs a bigger punch but retains a speed and maneuverability bonus. If you often find enemy ships in combat escaping you you should look into chasing them down with this nimble ship. The base cost of this vessel is 10,000R and it can be purchased in St. George from ‘Jacques de la Croix’.

War Galeon

This ship is the combat version of the trade Galeon. It swaps out it’s large hold to crew ratio for many more larger calibre guns and bunks. Upgrading the amount of guns on this ship will level your enemies with a few well aimed broadsides. The base cost of this vessel is 20,000R and it can be purchased in San Juan from ‘Juan Mano’.

Man of War

This is the ‘Mario’ of all the ships being well balanced by boasting a hefty array of guns, a small army of crew all while retaining speed and maneuverability. This ship makes you virtually untouchable even in engagements with 3 or 4 smaller vessels. Captain beware however that this ship is only for the truly experienced pirate as the massive overhead costs will have the ill prepared walking the plank. The base cost of this vessel is 25,000R (This ship comes batter at 0 sail health and a very low hull health and must be repaired upon purchase) and it can be purchased in Port Royale from ‘Humphrey Scottson’.

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