Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Gameplay Tips and Tricks

This is a short guide for new players to some of the feature not included in the tutrorials.

Point Form Notes

  • Rereouting power is a good way to maximize a subsystem. 
  • Rerouting power to engines can cause them to blow out and take damage. This is the same for other systems aswell. 
  • Some hazardous anomalies can be used for stealth without damaging the ship subsystems. 
  • When your shields are up you should not receive the damaging effects of some hazardous anomalies. Things like shield drain, sensor reduction will stil ltake effect but subsystem damage should be resisted. 
  • Tatical can scan one item at a time. PLEASE USE THIS FEATURE! If we only care about friendly life signs and we are at max range dont scan their shields, engines, or weapons… we don’t care and you’re wasting time and may cause us to miss the window of oppertuinity to rescue/capture the target. 
  • A system intrusion on the shields does not let you use the transporter to get a target out. 
  • Torpedoes do more damage to the hull than to the shields, it can be worth your while to not launch them until the targets shields are down or you’ve done a system intrusion. 
  • Asteroids and other objects floating in space do not show up on the helm’s display, please use the viewscreen. Crashing into them may cause damage. 
  • Asteroids sometimes have a larger hitbox than their skin, leave enough space to maneuver.
  • The size of the ship is best viewed from 3rd person. The exterior view that can be put on the viewscreen is inaccurate and you may still run into objects. 
  • I’ve heard of a rumor that being in red alert makes you take less damage. This has not been confirmed. 
  • When helm has 4000 power assigned to them by the engineer they can fly at full speed without increasing the detection range any more than 4000 will increase your detection range. 
  • You can shoot things without scanning them, this is useful for targeting mines. 
  • Using your phasors does not increase the detection range. 

Written by Evil Canadian.

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