Grim Clicker – Late Game Progression (Clearing Galaxy 1)

This guide is a brief rundown of the optimal skill build and some tips to clear the later rounds of the first galaxy. This is a completely F2P build, and I don’t really see any way to progress through the first galaxy without using this, or a similar skill build to clear the later-shard round 40/50 bosses.

Progression in Late Game

Skill Build

Until more skills get added to the game, there is really only 1 optimal build for progressing through the later shards in the first Galaxy.

First off, I recomend saving your shards until you can purchase the permanent 300 shard upgrade that gives you +1 SP on Levelup. Make sure you only use non-refilled Usurption potions when you start a new shard as the first 1/2 levels are practically unkillable without them in shards 7 and 8.

You will have a ton of skill points left over to level up abilities, but here are the minimums you should get. I recently started Galaxy 2 and I don’t have nearly enough progression to get back to this build yet as your flames reset.

  • Strength Level = 11.
  • Dexterity Level = 11 (and the mask that gives +2 dexterity bringing it to 13).
  • Get 18 points in the Weapon skill to lower your weapon upgrade time to 3 seconds.
  • At least 5 points in energy regeneration over time skill to make sure Rage of Darkness (autoclick) never stops.

I believe I beat round 50 on the last shard with 25 points in Rage of Darkness, 25 in the ability that increases click damage (level 5 dexterity ability), 25 in the additional crit damage (level 13 dexterity ability), 25 in the weapon upgrade (level 11 strength ability), 250ish in the +max energy that doesn’t reset (level 13 Dexterity ability), and 25 in the Ability that guarantees your next X amount of attacks will be critical hits (Dexterity level 11 ability). With remaining points going into additional levels of the Energy refill over time and the Level 9 Dexterity ability to keep auto triggering the guaranteed crit.

Eventually you will hit a wall as damage doesn’t scale through resets very well, typically I would reset the shard 4 or 5 times upon reaching Round 40 to upgrade damage, level up, etc. While using the boss souls to passively upgrade damage and critical damage (alternating as diminishing returns slowed down progress). I would then just leave the game running and come back a few hours later to have not only killed the round 40 boss, but also the round 50 as it is typically easier to let it progress while idle then to keep resetting after round 40.

A few notes post galaxy one- flame’s reset and the singularity point you get for completing the galaxy doesn’t do anything yet, so there’s no reason to really rush getting to this point until more content is added. The 10 boss soul ability (learn skill) also does not seem to do anything yet, so if you want to progress past galaxy 2 just do the same thing as galaxy one.

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