Commandos 2 – HD Remaster – Bonus Locations Guide

This is a guide to help you find all bonus books in Commandos 2 HD Remaster.

Mission 1: Night Of The Wolves

Mission 2: Das Boot, Silent Killers

Mission 3: White Death

Mission 4: Target Burma

Mission 5: Bridge Over The River Kwai

Mission 6: The Guns Of Savo Island

Mission 7: The Giant In Haiphong

Mission 8: Saving Private Smith

Mission 9: Castle Colditz

Mission 10: Is Paris Burning?

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    • they are all in the various houses that you can enter from the courtyard that has a tower in it. one last guy is on the roof, basically on the tower itself. you get to him from one of the houses that you have to go into anyway cuz it has prisoners

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