Pikuniku – How to Obtain Scary Mask and Collect All Apples

Guide how to collect 3 apples to open mysterious vault under the first village.

Collecting All Apples

All credit goes to JQ22;!

First Apple

First apple you can find in first village on a tree behind the shop.

Second Apple

Second apple you can get as reward for hide-and-seek game with a stone in first village.

Step 1

Find stone in his house inside a cave on the bottom of career left from village.

Step 2

Find him a few times. He will hide in village except last one, so feel free to kick each stone you see.

Step 3

For a last one, you need to obtain water hat by defeating the second robot (main quest).

Go to the greenhouse to the right of the painter’s house and pour water on the flower that hasn’t bloomed.

Now you have an option to reach clouds above the village by climbing the flower stalk.

Climb up. You will see stone on the cloud.

Game is over, take your reward.

Third Apple

Last apple you can get from huge bird.

Step 1

Find a nest on the cloud above the first village (on the left from stone after game).

Break all eggs to scare birds. Mother-bird will arrive after it. New quest here!

Step 2

Find two birds in the village. Both of them on a surface level. Talk with them to force them returns to big mama.

Step 3

Go back to big mama too. “To big for my beak” apple is your now.

To the Vault

Now we ready to go to the moon vault.

Step 1

Go to the vault entrance under the first village (yeap, you need to fall into a well) and put all apples into a weigher.

Step 2

Enter the vault.

Step 3

Oh no! Here are no treasures! Don’t worry. Something special waiting for you at the end of this cave. Complete all challenges to reach the end.

Wtf is this? Oh, Scary Mask here!

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