Oh…Sir! The Hollywood Roast – Characters, Unlocks and Weaknesses

All the characters, how to unlock them, and their weaknesses.

Marylin Nomore

  • How to unlock: No requirements, default.
  • Weakness: Age and Beauty (your last plastic surgery, etc.)

Dirty Potter

  • How to unlock: No requirements, default.
  • Weakness: Manliness (Was seen at a vegan festival, Can’t grow a beard, etc.)

The Greasy Wizard

  • How to unlock: No requirements, default.
  • Weakness: Being in trouble with the law (A strict judge, Buddy Cops, etc.)

Chop Sue E.

  • How to unlock: Complete the career as any character once.
  • Weakness: Toughness (is a weaker version of, Your stunt double, etc.)


  • How to unlock: Play multiplayer a few times.
  • Weakness:
    Emotions (Your onscreen romance, etc).

F. Parker, CFO

  • How to unlock:
    Complete the career as every other character except Nosferateen.
  • Weakness:
    Money, or lack of it (Your financial portfolio, Can’t afford, etc).


  • How to unlock: Complete the career 3 times with different characters. (Note: this may work if you redo the career once or more as a single character, but I got it by completing the career as 3 different stars.)
  • Weakness: Originality (Is a carbon copy of, A James Bond knock off, etc.)
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