Undertale – Infinite Money (Gold)

This guide is how you can make a lot of money using gersons and tem shop. This type of guide has been done already but im just taking what i saw from a video of the same subject.

This Guide as you saw is how you earn money from the cloudy glasses from gersons shop and tem shop you can read this or you can just watch this video: You ready? OK.

Step #1: Glasses Lots of Them

When you arrive to gersons shop (or if you have passed that go back to him but this can work with almost any shop this is just the fastest) he will have a item Named Cloudy Glasses for 30G. If you have 30G (and you should as waterfall monsters give lots of gold) buy the clouded glasses as many as you can (and don’t worry too much about invitory as there is a box nearby and if you went to alphys you have two portable boxes).

Step #2: The Tem Shop: The Only Place You Can Sell Stuff

Walk on over to the tem shop (other guides and the video should show the way to there I think the mushrooms lead you there too) The Clouded Glasses Sell for Around 50G up to 5 more G when tem begs for the item.

Step #3: Do It Afain

After that if you have not gotten the amount of money you wanted just keep repeating the process till you get that amount and don’t worry gerson won’t sell out or tem won’t stop giving muns (this also works in the genocide route).

Written by Bear Slash Claw.

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