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Temtem - How to Evolve Tuwai into Tuvine

Written by marcelocn   /   Jan 30, 2020    

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Hi, the objective of this guide is to teach you how to evolve tuwai.

How to Evolve Tuwai into Tuvine

To evolve Tuwai you need to be in Tucma and have unlocked the Rock-hopping hook. After that you need to visit Valentina (shown below in the image), she´ll give you a mission to find a cult.

Then you have to go to the other side of Tucma (picture below).

But before that, you´ll have to equip on your squad all crystal type temtem you got, my advice, bring 2 bunbun (it makes the battles a lot easier) and shuine, both can be captured in Kakama Cenote (picture).

Arriving at the cult´s local, you´ll have to battle 4 cultists. I´ll leave my video here, so you can see all the temtem's you'll face.

After beating them, equip your Tuwai in your squad ang go to the place of power to evolve.

Written by marcelocn.

Game:   Temtem