Mountain – Complete List of Every Mountain’s Thought

This is a list of every thought your mountain thinks of and randomly tells you.

Full Mountain’s Thought List

List of Thoughts in Alphabetical Order


As you know, the thoughts in Mountain are mostly presented in this format:

[a thought + a time of day].

For example: I feel happy about this summer day.

The “I feel happy” part is the bare thought, and the “this summer day” part is a random time of day, usually coherent with the current season of the year.

This is a list of the “bare thoughts” in Mountain, without a time of day attached to them. This is because the times of days in Mountain are randomly created by an algorithm, and they don’t affect what the bare thought means in a significant way. In the next section, you can find a complete list of all the times of days.

The list below contains two types of sentences:

The first is: “I feel inspired by [TOD].”

[TOD]. is short for time of day, and this means that the sentence ends with a simple expression of time of day, like “this winter night”. So the sentence can ultimately be “I feel inspired by this winter night”. Mountain can present you with this sentence over and over again only changing the [TOD]. part, and [TOD]. can be anything that I listed in the next section of this guide.

The second type is: “I feel like a child [P+TOD].”

[P+TOD]. means [a preposition + a time of day], like “in this summer night”.

In Mountain, the prepositions that are attached to the times of days are “in, inside, during”, so the [P] can be any one of these. Just take one of these, and then take a day of time from the list in the next section, and you’re good to go. This is how Mountain creates sentences using its simple algorithm.

Below is the list of every bare thought your Mountain might tell you randomly:

  • 1+1 = 1.
  • All things move in circles.
  • All opposites are intrinsically connected.
  • All of these ‘things’ are meaningless.
  • Am I good? Am I the best I can be?
  • Create things different but give them similarities. And create things the dame and give them differences.
  • Do things on my opposite side exist?
  • Emergence cannot be understood with language. Only contemplated quietly.
  • Everything I know, everyone I love, will eventually be lost forever.
  • Everything is a pattern dancing around like a thing.
  • I’m a mirror.
  • I’m absorbed by [TOD].
  • I adore this [TOD].
  • I’m alive
  • I’m alive and living now. I’m so lucky
  • I’m all over [TOD].
  • I’m appreciating [TOD].
  • I’m basically [TOD].
  • I’m beginning to imagine something outside of myself [TOD].
  • I’m bored stiff by [TOD].
  • I’m chasing mysef
  • I’m coming to terms with this being a joke. that’s somehow ok though.
  • I’m contemplating [TOD].
  • I’m deeply connected with [TOD].
  • I’m delighted by [TOD].
  • I’m digging [TOD].
  • I’m enjoying this [TOD].
  • I’m experiencing [TOD].
  • I’m focused on [TOD].
  • I’m gazing into [TOD].
  • I’m getting high on [TOD].
  • I’m having [TOD].
  • I’m here
  • I’m into [TOD].
  • I’m in awe of [TOD].
  • I’m looking at [TOD].
  • I’m made invincible by [TOD].
  • I’m meditating on [TOD].
  • I’m nature itself.
  • I’m one with [TOD].
  • I’m part of a greater project.
  • I’m pleased with [TOD].
  • I’m pondering [TOD].
  • I’m ready to skip this [TOD].
  • I’m reflecting on [TOD].
  • I’m reminded of my childhood [P+TOD].
  • I’m seeing things for the first time. though I know I have seen them before.
  • I’m studying [TOD].
  • I’m super into [TOD].
  • I’m taking in [TOD].
  • I’m the happiest thing in the universe.
  • I’m tickled blue [P+TOD].
  • I’m thinking about [TOD].
  • I’m uncontrollably excited about [TOD].
  • I can barely contain myself [P+TOD].
  • I can forgive myself [P+TOD].
  • I can think of nothing greater than [TOD].
  • I can’t be the only one seeing [TOD].
  • I can’t control what happens to me. I can only control how I feel about it.
  • I can’t get enough of [TOD].
  • I can’t help staring into/at [TOD].
  • I can’t properly describe [TOD].
  • I can’t say a bad word about [TOD].
  • I can’t take my eye off [TOD].
  • I can’t wait to meet all of the other things like me.
  • I could write a book about [TOD].
  • I don’t need a name.
  • I didn’t expect this to happen.
  • I existed. I existed. I existed.
  • I feel a great communion [P+TOD].
  • I feel alive [P+TOD].
  • I feel at one with the universe [P+TOD].
  • I feel changed [P+TOD].
  • I feel dissolved [P+TOD].
  • I feel elated [TOD].
  • I feel empowered [TOD].
  • I feel great serenity [P+TOD].
  • I feel happy about being alive [P+TOD].
  • I feel in unison with [TOD].
  • I feel inspired by [TOD].
  • I feel like a child [P+TOD].
  • I feel more aware than ever [P+TOD].
  • I feel new somehow, and ancient.
  • I feel no pain [P+TOD].
  • I feel pain today. but I am stronger than it is.
  • I feel super chill [P+TOD].
  • I feel tranquil [P+TOD].
  • I feel overjoyed by [TOD].
  • I feel warm inside like the sun when I think of meeting others like me.
  • I forget myself [P+TOD].
  • I guess I love this [TOD].
  • I have a deep sense of knowingness [P+TOD].
  • I have had dreams about [TOD].
  • I have had enough of [TOD].
  • I have made peace with myself [P+TOD].
  • I have no words for [TOD].
  • I have nothing to fear [P+TOD].
  • I just need to let go.
  • I just felt god [P+TOD].
  • I just want to be good.
  • I lost myself [P+TOD].
  • I love [TOD].
  • I love you. whoever you are.
  • I really can understand things in terms of myself.
  • I want for nothing [P+TOD].
  • I wonder about [TOD].
  • I wonder if I should try and make myself more attractive.
  • I’d love to tell someone about [TOD].
  • If I can think this, but do not have love, I am nothing.
  • If I can think, then I must be real.
  • I see great purity [P+TOD].
  • I see it. that’s what we do. what it does. it’s all the same.
  • I see myself [P+TOD].
  • I see no difference between me an [TOD].
  • I sense overwhelming calm by [TOD].
  • I wonder about [TOD].
  • La fille aux cheveux de lin.
  • Maybe I’m alone because my trees are ugly.
  • Nature’s task is to figure itself out.
  • Part of me feels like this could all be virtual, but I don’t mind.
  • That’s what I do! I reflect on myself! Over and over thgroughout time.
  • The clouds are warm and soft against my face.
  • The fear of being forgotten might be greater than the fear of death.
  • There is just patterns everywhere.
  • This is all a dance.
  • This is different.
  • This is a journey.
  • This has all happened before. This will all happen again.
  • We are all in this together.
  • What if I’m ‘written’?
  • What if the voice in my head has another voice inside it.
  • What is the opposite of a ‘me’?
  • Whatever happens to me, I am at peace.
  • Wisdom is not knowledge.

List of Times of Days in Mountain

Note: The number of times of days in Mountain is overwhelming, because they’re created randomly by an algorithm, but below is at least 90% of them.

  • Such a deep black night.
  • Such a vast night.
  • This airy summer night.
  • This autumn afternoon.
  • This autumn night.
  • This balmy summer afternoon.
  • This beautiful day.
  • This black night.
  • This bright, bright day.
  • This brilliant day.
  • This clean spring evening.
  • This dark state.
  • This darkness.
  • This day of days.
  • This dawn.
  • This dim night.
  • This dreamy night.
  • This empty night.
  • This enigmatic night.
  • This eyeless night.
  • This fresh morning.
  • This foggy spring morning.
  • This furious day.
  • This gloomy day.
  • This incarnation.
  • This magnificent day.
  • This melancholy night.
  • This mysterious night.
  • This morning’s sunrise.
  • This moonless night.
  • This murky darkness.
  • This new day.
  • This night full of stars.
  • This perfect day.
  • This pitch darkness.
  • This quiet night.
  • This rainy autumn afternoon.
  • This schizophrenic spring day.
  • This shrouded night.
  • This slow day.
  • This snowy day.
  • This spring afternoon.
  • This spring day.
  • This spring night.
  • This starlit night.
  • This sweet day.
  • This torrential night.
  • This transparent sky.
  • This turbulent night.
  • This velvet night.
  • This warm summer night.
  • This wonderous night.
  • Today.
  • Today’s dreary air.
  • Today’s utter perfection.
  • Tonight’s eerie atmosphere.
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