VenusBlood Frontier International – How to Enable 18+ Content (R18 Patch)

Step #1: Download the R18 Patch

Download the official VenusBlood Frontier patch by this link:

This patch adds back cut content from the “All Ages” version of the game.

Step #2: Install the R18 Patch

Extract the 2 files “extra.xp3” and “extra2.xp3” into the installation directory that contains “VBFI.exe”.

When you start the game, the version information present on the bottom left of the screen should have “EN-R” appended to the end of it. If that is the case, then the patch has been applied successfully. Please do not rename the file, delete it or move it to another folder.

Warning: Removing this patch runs the risk of breaking your save files, so please refrain from messing with the patch file.

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