Nyakori’s Rabbit Doll – Achievements Guide (All 4 Endings)

Guide teaching about how to get all 4 endings.

Normal End

Proceed normally and dont talk with the box clown, kill the third puppet at ”kill the thief”, dont get the mirror with Nyakori and the rest doesnt matter. You will get the right ending if True Nyakori dies.

Bad End #1

After entering the big door that open with 3 jewels, there will be a fake bookcase on the left down side, open it using the statue pusing it to the bookcase.

Interact with the mirror and done!

Bad End #2

Proceed normally and when you met the box clown use the code 8010. Answer Sky and interact with the next box clown in the previous room. Answer 10 and go to the previous room again, answer is shadow, then hide inside in the dresser. Go ahead and save the game, then come back and look in the mirror that you miss Nyakori, a door will open in right side.

Enter it, grab and change the clock position to upside down then wait… a breeze will happens and then look the mirror and you will be teletransported ahead of the ”Kill the thief” puzzle (Don’t kill any puppet). Go to the kitchen, join up with the black cat, then come back to the mansion entrance after the crops and go left, you will find a light in a wall where the black cat can enter. interact with everything and come back. Now proceed to the normal game and dont get the hand mirror with Nyakori. If everythign works, before entering the last room you will find the black cat dead.

True End

Follow the Bad End 2 steps but this time grab the hand mirror with Nyakori. After solving the clock puzzle, go ahead with Nyakori and enter the broken mirror, after that go where you find the Bad End 1 with Nyarutoru and talk with the person in the mirror. Next time after meeting Nyakori again choose to search for the black cat. Investigate the rooms and when Nyakori starts to play piano wait until she finis, then follow her and enter the Mirror on the down floor.

After reaching the roof and entering the broken brick, get the hand mirror and proceed to the next room (the half black room). Interact with the hand mirror in the window and touch the Big Mirror. True End Done!

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