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This guide is review of all sharks in depth.

Review of All Sharks in the Game


Tend to be on the thinner end, which is good if you want to pick them up, though they’ve got a tendency to play with you, so be prepared for the unexpected, smoother skin, good feeling. Usually a bit smarter than the average shark.

  • 8/10


They’re a bit more aggressive usually, but they tend to be the same temper when you meet them as they’ll be overall, so no surprises. Not picky on food, McDonalds is just fine for most outings, I’d normally take points off for rougher skin but here it’s nice to keep them still.

  • 7/10


More mild tempered, a bit shyer, really into cuddling, take things slow and they’ll love you for it.

Average skin smoothness, a little looser than most but overall pretty cute. Good fondness for halibut and white meat chicken

  • 7/10

Great White

Can be overwhelming, pretty wide range of temperaments, but they can get absolutely ferocious when they get a taste of blood, so be ready to play a rodeo clown if need be. Average skin smoothness, squeezes hard during a frenzy, extreme weakness for belly rubs, a little more picky for high quality meat than most sharks.

  • 9/10


Not fond of the face but works the hips really, really well. Dark rooms are your friend. Rougher skin, but pretty good for keeping a grip, kissing is extremely awkward, and don’t stare into one eye or another, just stare into the center of the face, that’s the best option for avoiding awkwardness.

  • 6/10 in the dark
  • 3/10 in the light

Oceanic Whitetip

Lots of groupies, usually a social butterflies, always have people around. Great if you’re into group stuff, but horrible if you want some privacy. Don’t be offended if she’s posting to her social media all the time when you’re together. Smooth skin, pretty nice, find a few of their friends that you like and you’ll be doing great. Make sure wherever you’re eating then the food looks pretty more than anything else. Her friends are just as important as she is.

  • 8/10


Usually a tad on the short side, skin is smooth, even a little slimy, the face can be off-putting but as long as you can get past that, or have the lights off then they’re pretty alright. They tend to be a bit desperate, so they’re easy to score, but they might latch onto you and be difficult to get rid of. Great fondness for chicken a lot of the time.

  • 4/10 in the dark
  • 2/10 in the light


Thin, tall, and lanky most of the time, not that well endowed but that’s not all there is. Great fondness for seafood, strangely likes Cajun style pretty universally, so take some appetite for spicy food. Pretty smooth, but can be awkward to get to grips with the lanky shape, the floor is your friend.

  • 6/10


Caution is required, whether they’re mean on the surface or nice at first, they’re easy to anger, and they’ll hurt you bad if they’re mad. Whatever you wanna feed them, bring a lot, they have appetites universally, but easy points for a co-op competition eating contest. Rough skin, rough personalities, tend to be a bit chunkier than most.

  • 4/10


A bit on the more mildly tempered side, pretty low maintenance, really loves salmon and other savory, flavorful fish, I’d suggest you learn. Great feel, but rough skin, if you’re unsure of how committed you can be, a Copper is a pretty good choice considering their emotional stability.

  • 6/10


The tail might seem like it’d knock things over, but unless the thresher is a clutz, they’re surprisingly dexterous, but be ready because they’ll smack you right good if you mess with them, you’d be lucky if you only wound up with cracked ribs. Bug eyes are a little weird but surprisingly quick to adjust to. A little smoother than usual but hard to notice. Really hard to fit though, be prepared to use force for that. Not terribly picky, but strangely prefers lamb and pork, get a good, fatty cut of meat cooking and you’ll be golden.

  • 7/10


Almost didn’t make it into this guide considering how rare they tend to be, each one’s unique so you’ll need to learn their specific intricacies, likes, and dislikes. However bear in mind they’re all pretty old even if they look far younger, but that’s a good thing. They know what they want, so you’ll need to provide. Be prepared to take a day to sit in a hot tub and relax your muscles, they have a tendency to think people are as durable as they are.

  • Varies wildly, but generally 7/10
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