Stoneshard – Guide to Hunting and Cooking

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This guide explains hunting and cooking in detail.

How to Hunts and Cooks


While hunting is not the main focus of the game it’s something you can do to gather meat and some coin. It’s best done with a ranged weapon but melee hunting is also possible.


The best places are the denser forest areas, to approach your prey you need to be out of their line of sight as much as possible and try to close the distance, this will allow you to attack multiple times while they try to escape so once you see an animal use tree and rocks to stay hidden and not alert your prey.

If you don’t have a bow, the Mutilating Lunge skill of the Axe can still be an effective way of closing the distance with a fleeing prey while dealing damage to it.

The easiest way to hunt something if you are close to the edge (or even better the corner) of the map chunk is to lead your prey to it, only NPCs that are aggroing you will exit the sector, ones that are fleeing are trapped inside (at least in the current version of the game) so you can very easily close the distance and kill them off. Cheesy but effective.

Shout technique: hide behind a tree and shout 3 times (right click on yourself, then shout). This works as a “hunting call”, and activates all the mobs nearby.


  • Venison meat: In the current version both Deer and Moose drop venison meat -30% raw, can cause poisoning or vomiting when raw. When cooked goes up only to -40% Hunger but adds -15% Hunger resistance, a very useful stat that slows hunger down.

  •  Deer Hide: takes 6 tiles (2×3) in the inventory, sells for 50 coins.

  •  Deer Antlers: takes 2 tiles in the inventory, sells for 50 coins.

  •  Moose Hide: takes a whopping 9 (3×3) tiles in the inventory, sells for 150 coins.

  •  Moose Antlers: takes 2 tiles in the inventory, sells for 150 coins.

  •  Fox Pelt: takes 6 tiles (2×3) in the inventory, sells for 80 coins.

  • Rabbit Pelt

  • Wolf Pelt

  • Boar Hide


Cooking is extremely simple, you just need to find a fire or a place that can host one, right click on it and select cook. This will cook one item in your inventory, open the inventory and select it multiple time to cook all your meat.

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