Days Gone – All Historical Marker Locations

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Historical Marker Locations

These markers are generally metal plates that you need to find and interact with. Interacting with all this plates will unlock The Broken Roadshow trophy.

Peter Skene Ogden

Grotto Caves – The Buried Caves

Caldera Reservoir – Bombs in the River

Rainbow Falls – Path of the Spirits

Peaceful Lake – Battle on the Misty Lake

Teller Cabin – The Horror House

Belknap Crater – Belknap’s Volcano

Salome Hot Springs – The Salt Springs

Belknap Caves – The Lava River Caves

Mckenzie Pass – Robber’s Pass

Indigenous Petroglyphs – Stories in Stone

Memorial of the Unknown Mailman – Pioneer Mailman

Three Fingered Jack Viewpoint – Old Hot Fingers

The Lava Arch – Lava River Cave

Berley Lake – The Moon Country

Moon Tree – Grown from Outer Space

Metolius Lava Cave – Distillery Cave

Architectural Memorial – The Community Builder

Booker-Hicks Logging Camp – The Wandering Timber Town

Camp Pioneer – The Grand Campsite

Lost Cabin Mine – The Goldmine

Crater Lake – The Volcanic Lake

Crater Lake – The Native American Legend

Outlaw Memorial – The Oregon Legend

Captain Jack – The Modoc Warrior

The 45th Parallel – The Halfway Point

Crater Lake – The Old Man of the Lake

Mazama Village – The New Deal Projects

Mazama Falls – The Silent Falls

The Phantom Ship – The Ghost on the Water

Camp Adair – The War Games

Gentleman Bandit Memorial – Poetic Justice

Bill “The Grey Fox” Miner – Oregon’s Worst Bandit

The Stagecoach Legend – Rushing for Gold

Japanese Balloon Bomb – The Casualties of War

Margaret Alice Miller – The Guardian Angel

Devil’s Lake – View of the Cascades

Waldo Lake – The Oregon Conservationist

Snowbrush Ranch – The First Alpaca Farm

Iron Butte Ranch – The Summer Marsh

Iron Butte – The Iron Mountain

Lucky Lad Mines – The Gold Rush Mines

Iron Butte Meteorite – Gift from the Sky

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