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Black Desert Online - Ultimate Enhancing Guide

Jun 17, 2017    
Black Desert Online - Ultimate Enhancing Guide

This guide will give you an introduction to enhancing and advice you when and how to enhance what gear you have to achieve higher AP and DP.

What is Enhancing?

Enhancing increases the level of your gear. The level of your gear is represented as a number in front of it. It starts at 0 and increases by 1 per enhancement. After +15 it is called Pri, Duo, Tri, Tet and Pen. If an enhancement fails after Duo it will decrease by 1 level which makes enhancing past Duo very expensive and time consuming.

You enhance by using the enhancement section of the black spirit. You can only enhance once you have finished the "Awakening" quest which you receive relatively early in the game. You need black stones to enhance until +15 and concentrated black stones to enhance past +15.

The higher your failstack, the higher is the chance that you will succeed in an enhancement. Normal weapon and armor can be enhanced to +5 or +7 without a chance to fail. After that it is advised to build failstacks to increase the chances of your enhancements. You receive 1 failstack every time you fail. Also keep in mind that if you fail a Duo+ enhancement don´t use the built failstacks to make it go back. Save those failstacks and switch to a different character and start enhancing there. My recommended failstacks for each enhancement can be found below.


Before you start enhancing properly, you need to prepare certain things to allow for effective and fast enhancements. A lot of these are for pri+ enhancements. If you are only looking for 0-15 you do not need most of these.

1 Low Level Character with Negative Karma

You view your Karma by clicking "P". If your Karma is positive go kill wild horses. Do not kill anything else as that will increase your Karma. Once you have negative Karma equip the gear you want to downgrade (from +15 to +14) and let mobs kill you until it downgrades.

Different Characters

Have as many different characters as you can so you can use all of them to enhance and build fail stacks on. You do not want to waste your high failstack count on your characters for low gear enhancements.

Multiple +14 Reblath

Reblath gear (armor, helmet, shoes and gloves) can be bought only at the blacksmith in Velia. You use this to build failstacks and this is the main gear you would want to downgrade from +15 to +14. Reblath armor are very cheap which is why you would want to use them and cannot be sold via the community market.

Green +14 Weapons

You would want a few green +14 weapons to build fail stacks on with your armor stones. Buy cheap ones but also make sure that there are a lot of them in the community market so you can easily recover durability.

Grunil Gear Pri+

Grunil Gear is used by most players before they get any boss armor. It is also very easy to sell them. Certain weapons can also be sold easily like Krea and Rosar.

Black Stones (Armor and Weapon)

You use this to enhance and build failstacks on. The quantity depends on how far you want to enhance. Have more Armor stones and Weapon stones as they are cheaper and you use them more. You can always exchange Hunters Seal for black stones if you don´t have enough. Buying them can be expensive if you buy a lot. Concentrated black stones are also needed if you want to enhance past +15.

Memory Fragments

You need Memory Fragments to recover the durability of your rare gears such as Liverto, Awakening and Boss Gear. The quantity also depends on how far you want to enhance and whether you have Artisans Memory or not.


A durability of a weapon is very important. The more you use a weapon, the more the durability of that weapon will decrease. When the durability of a weapon reaches 0, it will do very little damage. You can go to a blacksmith and recover the durability of the weapon so it can be used again.

However, when enhancing, the maximum durability of a weapon will decrease by 5, every time you fail an enhancement. This means that the maximum usage of the weapon will also decrease. If you are not careful when enhancing, you will make your durability very low and it cannot be used anymore after a few minutes. This is why you cannot yolo enhance especially on weapons where is it hard and expensive to recover maximum durability (awakening, liverto and boss gear).

To recover maximum durability you go to a blacksmith and use the same gear or a memory fragment to recover. The same gear will recover 10 maximum durability and a memory fragment will recover 1 durability for awakening and boss gear, and 2 durability for liverto. You can use an "artisans memory" to change the recovered maximum durability by 3.

0 to +15 Method

Enhancing to +15 is very easy unless it is liverto, awakening or boss gear. For those you should be careful because recovering durability for those can be expensive so you cannot just yolo them.

Boss Gear System

  • 0 fs all the way to +8
  • +9 : 8 fs
  • +10: 11 fs
  • +11: 14 fs
  • +12: 17 fs
  • +13: 20 fs
  • +14: 23 fs
  • +15: 25 fs

For normal gear (grunil, krea, rosar etc.) follow the Boss Gear System - 5 fs. They can be repaired easily so you can just yolo it with 0 fs if you want.

For Liverto and Awakening follow the Boss Gear System - 2 fs.

Pri to Pen Method

  • 0 - 15 fs : use +14 Reblath
  • 15 - 18 fs : use +14 green weapon
  • 18 - 25 fs : use Pri grunil
  • 25 - 32 fs : use Pri Boss and Weapon Gear
  • 32 - 45 fs : use Duo Gear (normal and boss gear)
  • 45 - 55 fs : use Tri Grunil
  • 55 - 100 fs : use Tri Boss and Weapon Gear
  • 100+ fs : use Tet


Accessories are very different than other gear. You enhance and accessory by using 2 of them same type (yes, you can use a pri and +0 accessory). When an enhancement for an accessory fails, you will lose both of them so be very careful when enhancing accessories. Accessories can only be enhanced 5 times (pri, duo, tri, tet, pen).

  • 15 fs Pri on blue
  • 20 fs Pri on rare
  • 28 fs Duo on blue
  • 35 fs Duo rare
  • 35 fs Tri on blue
  • 50 fs on Tri rare
  • 50 fs on Tet blue
  • 65 fs on Tet rare
  • 70 fs on Pen blue
  • 100 fs on Pen rare

Regardless of the fs it is very easy to fail so be very careful when enhancing accessories. I would advise you only enhance accessories when you have all your other gear at Tri+. You can also use cronstones for your accessory enhancements. I advise you to use them only during special events like Lauren when the prices are super low or on Pri and Duo enhancements as it is cheap.

Written by ElitɘtѳN™.