CastleMiner Z – How to Obtain the Anniversary Achievement (Easy Method)

This 100% totally needed guide will tell you how to get the Anniversary achievement with very little work.

Guide to Getting the Anniversary Achievement


This guide will show how to get the Anniversary achievement, which requires you to survive for 365 days while playing endurance mode. This rare achievement requires a lot of dedication and patience usually, but this guide help you get it in like, 6 days I think? Probably.

Setting Up Your Game

Step 1: Start an Endurance Mode Game

  1. Open CastleMinerZ by going to Steam > Library > CastleMinerZ > Start.
  2. Then, click anywhere to go to the title screen.
  3. Next, host a game. On the “Choose a Game Mode” screen, select Endurance. Endurance mode is required to get any achievement for this game.

Step 2: Wait for the Game to Load

When the loading bar fills, the game will load the map. Yay.

Step 3 (Optional): Set Your Game to Private

If you hosted your game online, you will need to go private. This is to stop people from joining your game and getting you killed. Pause the game, then Options>Host Settings>Invited Friends.

Creating Your Complex Survival Base

Step 4: Find a Place to Dig a Hole

Make sure to find a place far away from cave systems. Enemies can break blocks and if there is only one block protecting you from danger then you’ll totally die.

Step 5: Dig an Advanced Hole

Using what you have learned, dig straight down, ignoring any consequences coming with this.

Step 6: Complex Wall Building

Point your cursor at the farthest block away that you can reach. Next, place blocks until your can no longer do such. This complex building method, only mastered by professional miners, will protect you from all harm.

Step 7 (Optional): Place a Torch

Mine a single block above you, then place a torch directly above you.

Preparing for Long Term Survival

Step 8: Minimize the Game

This is the hardest part of the guide, as you must free your mouse from the game. You must Alt+Tab into another window, then move your mouse over the CastleMinerZ minimize button, then click it. No, there’s definitely not an easier way to do this.

Step 9: It’s Time to Move On

Do literally anything else until the achievement unlocks. Just don’t turn off your PC or anything, the game has to stay running.

Checking Progress

You can check the progress of this process by going into the achievements for this game on your Steam page.

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