CastleMiner Z – How to Fix the Fullscreen Crash

So you have a problem with the fullscreen crash thing? Well don’t feel scared and don’t panic.

Guide to Fix the Fullscreen Crash

How to Fix Your Castleminer Z

The first step is that you have to open %localappdata%, simply search it on your windows file exploder or press the magnifying glass and type it in.

The second step is find “CastleminerZ” and open user settings.

The third step is change the true to false in the fullscreen spot.

Backup Step

If that doesnt fix it, uninstall CastleminerZ, you then delete both the local files and inside the %localappdata%, delete “CastleminerZ” in there. Then reinstall it and should be working fine, you worlds will be gone so expect that to happen of course. Other than that, enjoy playing! (also turn off fullscreen if you do turn it on).

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