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Tank Mechanic Simulator - Collectibles List

Written by W R A T H   /   Feb 25, 2020    

A list of collectibles you can find while digging up tanks.

List of Collectibles

First things first you find these while excavating tanks. Some can spawn in the hole with the tank when you locate and dig it up, most common is the Coax machine guns. Once you unlock the drone you can really start finding the items.

Using the Drone

When using the drone anything metal will show up as a yellowish blob, bigger blobs are tanks while smaller are the collectibles. Confusingly the collectibles do not show up while using the metal detector or the magnetometer, they only show up with the drone.

Where Do They Spawn

The spawns are completely random. Some can spawn in the search area but most will spawn outside of the circle and around the map. Be careful though because some collectibles can spawn outside of the playable area.

How to Find Collectibles

When your drone finds a accessible blip, head to the area and hold G. This highlights the underground collectible, press M and place a marker. Go and get your shovel and dig up the item. Happy Hunting!

Here are the collectibles by country:


  • MG-34.
  • Iron cross medal.
  • Knights Cross.
  • Wounded Badge.
  • Armoured Badge (Panzer Assault Badge).
  • Combat Badge.


  • Colt 1911.
  • M3 Grease gun.
  • Browning 50 cal.
  • M1919 Browning.


  • PPSH.
  • DT.
  • TT Pistol.

My Examples

Unfound Collectibles

While in the customization menu in the museum, the icon shows a case with a few Visor Caps, a MP40 and a red box, which I think maybe a box of medals.

Recently Found

The MG42, P08 Luger, MP40, and Binoculars have been found.

Written by W R A T H.