Grim Clicker – Useful Tips and Tricks

Just some tips that I have picked up after playing for over 250 hours.

Tips and Tricks for Best Starting


I always seem to get addicted to clicker games and want to optimise the time spent, so I try and learn as many tricks as possible. I do this to try and beat the game or get to a point where I can finally put the game down and not touch it for a long time.

This probably won’t be the best guide for beginners as I’m probably not the best at explaining the best ways to start without over powered weapons and a full inventory of items, like with how you first start the game.

Little Tricks

You can upgrade the extractor tool to get uses back.

  • The same way that you would upgrade a weapon you can do so with the extractor tool to get uses back. I don’t believe it uses more each time but that could change in future versions.

Infinite Dexterity

Note: This only works on Shards where dexterity isn’t reset.

  • Every time you take Wind King Mask (Dex 8) it will still give you 2 Dex and the Max Energy and Crit Chance, so even when you reach the limit of 25 and the plus button doesn’t show, you can still add to it with Wind King Mask.
  • This could be patched out, it is a easy way to get 100% Crit Chance.

Weapon Crafting

Not for everyone.

I currently really only use the Noname dagger (the weapon that you start with) but heavily upgraded. At the time of writing it is at Quality: 10 with a base damage of 60 and a base cost of 1.

I personally believe this combo is the best (I am open to ideas though).

The key idea behind my dagger is that you can start and finish the shard using only this dagger and rings, I did this because I hate swapping out items, so I want to be able to leave the same items in my inventory the whole time.

The only reason that I have other weapons is for shards which don’t allow for non weapons to be used, but they aren’t anything special.

I think that the +% per weapon level is broken with a cheap cost, because you can easily get into the hundreds, then when you have multiple they all stack so you can get +1000% Damage easily.

Other than that I use Strength rings and one Crit ring (unless using Mask of Fire, then all Strength rings).

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