Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail – Individual Battle Organization of a Campaigns

Individual Battle Organization of a Campaigns

At the end of each battle you will be awarded Reputation Points, Career Points, Gold, & possibly a medal. See picture above. It is recommended that you start from the right and move to the left as you spend these resources.

You will then be given the opportunity to spend each of these resources to increase the strength and size of your forces. It is recommended that you begin with the applying your Career Points since this may have an impact on the use of the rest of your resources. For more information on Career Points see the thread on this topic.

Gold and Reputation points can be spent on new technology. You will have a choice of a Maximum of 3 technologies to invest in. Currently these appear in random. There are 54 different technologies. Since the game is still in development. These are likely to change. These technologies include different weapons and features for your ships as well as improvements for your Troops.

If you captured a ship during the previous battle it will be listed in your list of ships as a trophy. You have the option to sell this ship to the Admiralty for Reputation points or if you have enough points already, you can purchase the ship for your own use. 

If you choose to purchase a ship you will need to do the following steps:

  • You will have to purchase cannons for the ship using some of your gold. Depending on the size of the ship there maybe more than 1 gun deck and the game will show you the number and size of guns allowed on each deck. This is where technology comes into play. For example, you may have invested in Carronades. If so this is where you will be given the chance to equip your ship with them.
  • You will need to select upgrades for your ship. Here again your technology will have a significant impact. You will have the opportunity to improve the armor or sails or rudder etc. Depending on the size of the ship there maybe more than 1 improvement that can be assigned. Each of them will cost you gold so choose carefully.
  • You will need to assign a captain & officers. There are a lot of changes occurring in this area so I will not go into much detail here. I suggest that we will have a sperate thread on officers as soon as this is more stabilized.
  • You will need to assign a crew. The crew will need Muskets. You will have a chance to select these from both your armory and the store. If you have sufficient weapons in your armory there will be no cost. Again the weapons you choose will be influenced by the Technology you have invested in. Your ship will have a max weight and you cannot overload the ship. So the combination of the cannons, upgrades, & number of crew will have an impact on the total weight. Since boarding an enemy ship is important in this game. Maxing your crew is important. In the picture below you will note the officers to the left. The top officer is the ship captain. You will also note the crew weapons. You can click here to change weapons.

Note: If you have removed crew from one of your ships they will show up as reserves. When you assign crew to a vessel make sure to click on the reserve button in the crew selection. If you do this your reserves will be assigned automatically and cost you nothing. In the picture you will also note the reserve button.

If the ship you are equipping is a troopship. In addition to the above you will be given the option to build groups of troops and assign them to the ship. The same rules mentioned above will apply. Some of the larger Troopships will be able to carry cannons. So you must take this into account when you decide how many troops you want to carry.

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