Maiden & Spell – Complete Achievement Guide (Includes Walkthrough and Strats)

This guide is comprehensive about how to obtain all achievements in Maiden & Spell.

Achievement Walkthrough

Clearing Achievements

These list of achievements are gotten upon clearing the game with each character. Pretty straightforward.

The Hero of Frost

  • Clear the game on any difficulty as The Hero of Frost.

The Royal Arcanist

  • Clear the game on any difficulty as The Royal Arcanist.

The Sun Priestess

  • Clear the game on any difficulty as The Sun Priestess.

The Silent Redhood

  • Clear the game on any difficulty as The Silent Redhood.

Magnuses Achievements

These achievements require you to do specific stuff on certain Magnus spells.

No Mercy

  • Defeat Life Magnus: Anima in under 17 seconds.

It doesn’t matter on which difficulty level you play, but normal is recommended. This Magnus can be found on:

  • Arcanist’s story, stage 1.
  • Frost’s story, stage 2.

I recommend using Frost for this one, since she can defeat it faster. The strat is to stay close to the boss and use Stun Wave as much as you can.

You’re Fast, but I’m Faster

  • Defeat Lightning Magnus: Phantom Voltage in under 21 seconds.

It doesn’t matter on which difficulty level you play, but normal is recommended. This Magnus can be found on:

  • Redhood’s story, stage 1.
  • Sun Priest’s story, stage 2.

Using Redhood on this one makes it a bit easier, choose a side of the screen and just dodge the aimed bullets while shooting as much as possible, instead of going downwards, since aiming at the bottom can be annoying when she moves around.

How Did We Get Here?

  • Get hit with all 6 status effects at once during Dark Magnus: Metronome.

Like the past achievements, difficulty level doesn’t matter. This Magnus can only be found on Sun Priest’s story, specifically at Stage 5. The trick here is to move on the same horizontal axis as Arcanist is, so she can target you with her Arcane Magi. Do this until you have all status effects and you should get this achievement.

How Big Do They Get…?

  • Survive Water Magnus: A Bigger Fish for 1:20 minutes on Very Hard (80 seconds).

This magnus can be found on:

  • Sun Priest’s story, stage 1.
  • Redhood’s story, stage 2.

The strat for this one is pretty simple: don’t shoot; otherwise, you will kill the spell before the time requirement, and missdirect each shot as down or up on the screen as possible, because each hydra head will become bigger. Playing with Sun Priest can make this easier because of her Novi Dispel.

Hot Jump Rope

  • Survive Fire Magnus: Dragon’s Eye for 60 seconds on Very Hard.

This spell can be found on:

  • Redhood’s story, stage 4.
  • Sun Priest’s story, stage 6.

Similar to the previous achievement, the best course of action is to not shoot. Just be careful and jump from line to line and you should be fine. If you see that the laser is catching up to you, just use your defensive special.

Hold Still so I Can Heal You!

  • Defeat Light Magnus: Lay On Hands on Very Hard without taking damage.

This Magnus can be found on Frost’s story at stage 5.

The trick is to move as little as possible as to not crash into the bullets around you. This can be a bit anxiety inducing but with practice it becomes natural. If you get hit, you can simply lose your current card and try again.


  • Defeat Steel Magnus: Epic Steelfall on Very Hard without taking damage.

Not to be confused with Steel Magnus: Steelfall. This magnus can be found on Redhood’s story at stage 5. The strat is pretty obvious: just spam all your specials before the time runs out, being careful not to get hit with the green bullets. If you happen to get hit you can just lose your current card and try again.

Too Kind

  • The description of the achievement is really vague, but what you need to do for this achivement is to game over on the last spell of stage 6 as Redhood, preferably by not moving at all.

True Magnuses Achievements

These are the True Magnus achievements.

You can find the True Magnus page by going Extra -> True Magnus.

Seeking Truth

  • Get a clear or perfect on a True Magnus.

If you happen to already have done this on the demo, you should get the achievement by entering the True Magnuses page.

Finding Truth

  • Get at least a clear on all True Magnuses.

I personally recommend searching for videos, as to see other people’s strategies on how to trivialize some of them.

Hidden Achievements

As to not spoil what you have to do on each one, I will be putting spoiler tags, but most of them are pretty straightfoward on the requirements, so it’s not a big deal.

The Maiden Spellbound

  • Defeat the Collector of Stars on any difficulty

Just practice a lot and be careful of some of her spells. Remember that on the last spell you are supposed to hit her with Stun Wave to end it.

Stargazing Downward

  • Defeat the Heroes United on any difficulty.

This also requires a lot of practice and knowledge on how each spell works.

True Knight

  • Clear the Hero of Frost’s Adventure on Very Hard.

Retries don’t matter for this achievement, so just try your best! The biggest threats on this are some of the Sun priest’s and Stormbeast’s spells, which might require a bit of practice if you ever want to shoot for a No Continue clear.

Witch of High Status

  • Clear the Royal Arcanist’s Adventure on Very Hard.

The hardest part of this run in my opinion is Stage 6, specially the last spell. Just be patient and practice it a lot until you get it!

Cloaked Assassin

  • Clear the Silent Redhood’s Adventure on Very Hard.

Be careful on Stage 4, since some spells might require fast movement, so don’t take your time charging too much lazzers on those. Also be careful on the last spell of stage 6, since that one requires you to damage the boss a lot before the time runs out.

Immortal Priestess

  • Clear the Sun Priestess’s Adventure on Very Hard.

Overall this story is really easy, just be careful at the last spell of stage 6, since it can overwhelm you pretty easily, don’t be shy to use your defensive special when you feel in trouble!

Get To Her

  • Clear The Maiden Spellbound on Very Hard.

Not much to say about this one, be extra careful, specially on The Eighth Eye and The Tenth Eye. Restarting if you loose cards on the early spells is encouraged.

Together Forever?

  • Clear Stargazing Downward on Very Hard.

Can’t really say much on this one either, since at the time of writting this I haven’t beat it myself. So just practice and practice and don’t give up!

Understanding Truth

  • Get a Perfect on all True Magnuses.

Yes, this sounds ridiculous, but it is possible. I encourage you to find some videos on YouTube with strats on how to trivialize the spells, but keep in mind some of them can be really frustating to perfect. Trial and error is key!

Nonobvious Tricks

Individual, by character

Sun Priestess

  • Tapping diamonds gives you a speed boost that is well worth abusing. Be advised that the speed boost may not come out after a third basic
  • Dispel isn’t affected by spell lock the same way as every other defensive special. This generally makes it easier to use in panic than other defensives
  • Dispel erases attack lock, allowing you to skip the lockout after a third basic, or use two tap wides more rapidly
  • Holding focus while using basic puts the circle closer to you, intended for making head-on approaches more difficult

Silent Redhood

  • Using vanish refreshes cooldown on knives
  • There’s a slowdown at the end of vanish that leaves you somewhat vulnerable at the end of vanish. This slow can be overwritten with well-timed use of knives
  • Due to the long attack lock on wide, it’s more offensively efficient to use knives under this attack lock so you’re not stuck throwing out nothing
  • Using knives while focused changes their properties: shorter start-up, wider spread

Royal Arcanist

  • You can use tap DS after hold DS for a bit before both go on cooldown
  • If you catch your opponent in hold DS (clock), it’s usually a good opportunity to stack debuffs on them
  • If you time a moon after catching your opponent in the clock correctly, the moon will fall on them as the clock fades, securing a hit or forcing a defensive special.
  • The previous points are combined. Once you time stop your opponent, you throw a couple debuffs on, throw a moon, and finish off stacking the debuffs. The number of debuffs you use before and after the moon depends on where, vertically, you landed the time stop
  • There’s a way to stagger the timing on wide to get extra bursts of movement without stopping the attack. Feel free to ask for details on discord, if I go too deeply into it this document turns into an intermediate arcanist guide
  • If you move with basic, it’s possible to overlap them in a way that’s difficult to dodge. Very situational, only really occurs against opponents that are already staying mostly stationary full screen against you and don’t have something out to stop your advance.

Hero of Frost

  • “Stutterstepping”. Infamously, you can get extra movement during focus basic by tapping focus and basic together in sync with the move’s attack lock interval. Less infamously but still powerful, If you drag the timing a bit, you can also reduce the rate of fire in exchange for nullifying the effect of the direction lock. 100ms window to not drop combo
  • Stun wave can combo into basic but it’s notoriously finicky. Things like waiting a bit before using basic, using focus after the stun, and not playing on mouse presumably help.
  • Unfocused basic is slower than focus basic, so you can chase unfocused basic with focused basic. Situational, but I’ve found it to be powerful to do this overlap on the opponent’s recovery after a hit, and have found light success with it on an opponent who tends to macro-dodge basic as they approach a wall.
  • If you want to play this character read Roxi’s guide. There’s a lot of value there that’s generally neglected in favor of the perception that frost is a one button character. Just be aware that some of the exact data there is out-of-date

Dreadwyrm Heir

  • Laser -> wide at midrange is your main trick to hit people
  • Laser -> move -> Laser in the same use can catch people off guard
  • Novi fire can be used to secure hits on people who have their back in the corner and have a limited DS or DS on cooldown (arc, kinda frost for the former. Lich tends to keep her ds on cooldown as a control tool and can often be vulnerable for the latter reason)
  • Watch out for the large dead-zone on wide. It usually won’t hit from particularly close ranges. There’s good reason for this

Lich of Flowers

  • Using wide leaves you with an awful move speed multiplier that effectively glues you in place. Placing a butterfly overwrites this movespeed with a 0.8x one, which is much more tolerable and leaves you far less vulnerable
  • Releasing defensive special gives you move speed
  • Focus OS places butterfly on you instead of in front

Depths Secret

  • Jellycat comes with some genuine invulnerability on release, in addition to eating some types of bullets


  • Focus clone launches the clone half as far as normal
  • Focus tap basic releases a very fast, very long startup, very telegraphed “railgun” shot instead of a normal uncharged basic. You can desync uncharged + focused tap basic between you and your clone with a particular timing on focus. No other desyncs are known

Miscellaneous matchup details

  • The slowdown from sun’s dispel can be overwritten with a different, more favorable move speed multiplier by some characters. Notably: frost can use wide and be free, lich can escape confidently with butterfly, and red’s kunai break her out with no penalty. There may be other notable instances I’m not remembering
  • When arcanist lands a clock on wyrm, the only thing actually allowing wyrm to DS through the moon is the presence of the slow debuff that ends up increasing the iframes on novi fire. You can guarantee a hit by keeping track of the debuff cycle and cutting it before slow, but in practice nobody does this
  • Sun’s dispel cleanses debuffs.
  • Novi life deletes nearly every projectile in the entire game when released. This leads to the lich mirror just being a completely different game entirely, as you can delete the opponent’s novi life, butterflies, and wides, and ideally spread out your fortress to prevent the opponent from doing the same to you.
  • Frost can stun redhood while she’s invisible. Additionally, arcanist can land debuffs during this time period.
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