Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! – Useful Tips and Tricks

Business Side Guide

Optimizing Board Members

Money Maker: Either your first or second executive (game will offer many districts to conquer in this industry, so making money will become more and more efficient).

Executive preferences

  • Samuel Finch (moxie bonus for one week after travel).
  • Penny Farthing (moxie bonus while at the bank).

Ruffians: Between 3 to 5 executives (depending on how many board chairs you have). 

Executive preferences

  • Max Gentlemen (moxie bonus while at the boxing gym).
  • Pip Whipple (moxie bonus while fighting rivals).
  • Samuel Finch (moxie bonus for one week after travel, if not employed as Money Maker).
  • Fanny Shufflebottom (slight moxie bonus in the daytime: 6 AM to 6 PM).
  • Vlad Nibblesome (slight moxie bonus when the sun is down: 6 PM to 6 AM).

Recruiter: Starting with the second playthrough, you will eventually get the bottled synergy asset after finishing the fourth district (halfway through a playthrough) which creates a shared pool of employees.

Executive preference

Bonbon von Valentine (moxie bonus while at the slums).

Therefore, the executive board could consist of:

  • One Money Maker.
  • 3-6 Ruffians.
  • Samuel Finch and another traveler.
  • 1-4 goldsmiths (as needed).
  • 0-4 executives in the office desk jobs.


Boss Battles

To overwhelmingly control a district.

  • Before facing a district boss, consider professional development of fisticuffs.
  • Aim for 10x(boss’ offense power) employees per Ruffian.
  • Permit all Ruffians to fully rest before declaring war.
  • Send as many Ruffians as you can to the town square at the very start of the boss battle.


  • Unless you want relationships with the executives, you should only complete “events” until you have over 50% morale and over 50% reputation. Positive benefits will result with over 50% approval.
  • Unless you want relationships with the executives, you do not have to have lunches with them.


“The Samuel Finch Traveling Protocol”

  • Every Monday morning, send Samuel Finch up to Edinburgh for a one-day trip. He is so energized by the trip that he brings bonus moxie for the rest of the week.
  • Send another executive (who is not a Money Maker, Ruffian, or Recruiter; and thus not upgraded) down to Casablanca for 5-day trip to obtain a tonic.


  • Give every fisticuffs tonic to your primary ruffian (either Max Gentlemen or Pip Whipple).
  • Give every mustache tonic to the primary Recruiter: Bonbon von Valentine.


To minimize mental cognition load.

  • Let executives fully rest in the rec room. Executives need only up to 6 hours to rest (compared to about 10 hours for business activity).
  • Executives returning to the rec room will automatically be placed on the right side of the queue.
  • Assign the executive on the left side of the queue to their optimal task (usually: fighting rivals in the town square) when they are fully rested.
  • Exception: “The Samuel Finch Traveling Protocol”.
  • Exception: if there is a cheering crowd [of green people] around the boxing gym, barber shop, or slums; then send as many executives to the cheering crowd as you can.
  • Exeception: If a loan payment of gold is due in 7 days or fewer, send as many executives as you can to the factory.

Fiscal Benchmarks

Merchant stipend

  • Be ready to have about 40 gold available for when the merchant arrives biweekly. The available assets are almost always beneficial.


Suggested accounting practices include.

  • There is no predictable reason to have over 2 million pounds in currency (even as an emergency fund). That is, there may be a need to acquire 400 gold bars.
  • Upon reading one million pounds, consider professional development of fisticuffs.
  • Before facing a district boss, consider professional development of fisticuffs.


  • Having 3200 fisticuffs (including bonuses from canes and Kingsmen) across all Ruffians is sufficient for the rest of the playthrough.
  • Thus, training 5-7 Kingsmen is sufficient.
  • Having a Ruffian with 1000+ fisticuffs is quite amazing (as the achievement implies).


  • Having a Recruiter with 1000+ mustache is quite amazing (as the achievement implies).
  • There is no need to develop any other executive to over 50 mustache.

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